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Hello dear friends!

Today I will share with you photos of an unusual-looking medicinal plant, it's time to show it, it is fully ripe and ready for a photo shoot. The first time I see a shrub that has one main bud and 54 large leaves or 27 pairs of large leaves. The leaves have a very strong, mild scent with hints of lemon, a very pleasant scent. The main bud does not have a single seed. This is a female plant.


Here is such an amazing bush that grew in my garden. It already has a purple color, which means that I will pull it out of the ground and make a herbarium. And when there are severe frosts outside, I will smoke my herbarium and share with my friends the smoke effect of this unusual medicinal plant.

GIF animation

I took the newspaper and wrapped the medicinal plant in it, I hope the herbarium will turn out to be good.

GIF animation



All health and profit.

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