What I Miss After Completing 100 Days of Lockdown

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Dear Hivers,

Over 3 months ago, the news spread like wildfire. I was sitting here discussing work with a friend:


This was our last day at the office as the government announced the lockdown. Billions of people were told to stay at home.

And it has been over 100 days already. It almost feels like restarting life. And today, I thought I will share some of the things I used to do and miss right now.

#1 Wake up early and go to office

I have been doing it for 3 years. I always worked from home, so I made the switch. I would wake early, meditate, and then head to work. Got the best place possible.


#2: Afternoon: Head to the terrace and chill:

It was a pretty place with swimming pool and lots of fresh air. There were plants around and I love the sun rays hitting my face.


#3: Lunch with people + go to park

Occasionally, I would go out for lunch with other people. Though I really do enjoy eating alone.


This is a famous park called Cubbon Park:


#4: Attend workshops

Evening I would attend workshops — some were about making chocolates, others about painting, soap making, planting, and so on.



#5: Click pictures + watch sunset

I absolutely enjoy doing this. By default, I prefer silence over noise and watching the sunset from high terrace is priceless. I also click lots of pictures here.





#6: Trade crypto

I don't do this anymore. One of the thing I miss the most.


#7: Play table tennis

Then at night, as I don’t drink, I would play table tennis. I got really good at it.

#8: Eat something nice

On my way home, I love picking up boiled maize and devour ice creams.


#9: Go elsewhere

Occasionally, I would go to malls and cafes. I love reading books and reading people.


#10: I haven't tasted HOT pizza

Been 100 days since pizza. It is 2 am as I edit this and I definitely miss it all.


So these were the 10 things I miss thanks to the lockdown. Luckily, last 100 days have been fantastic at home. Life has shown so many ways and I am immensely grateful for every breath.

How are you doing this lockdown? I would love to know and hear from you! Hope these pics were great!


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Let's have a table tennis match ?

We are in the same city. Very soon then. Let's connect. I might beat you though. That works for you?

Hahaha, yes you can easily beat me, as I have not practiced it over a year.

Haha! You scare me.

100 days without pizza. That's not right mate!! That first bite back is going to be pretty sweet though eh?

What's not to miss in this lifestyle.

It's inspiring!!

Wow, reading this has made me realise that it's 99 days since lockdown began here in Malaysia. That said, it's certainly felt longer than that! Since my workplace is flexible, I guess the transition from pre-, to post-lockdown office life hasn't been to affected. Though I can certainly feel the effect its got on the rest of my family.

Mom's been working as a kindergarten teacher, and I can just sense that the boredom from sitting at home is annoying as hell. My brother just started his Diploma a couple of weeks ago, and seeing how classrooms have moved online is quite interesting.

On that note, you've got a nice place to settle down there. You've got many amenities that I don't have here, but hey, at least I have access to pizza. I can't imagine being without pizza for that long... It must be torturous! You should try pizza more often next time XD

Can't touch this...

Nice memories!

I liked one of your sentences a lot : I love reading books and reading people. This is a nice one...

Sweet office there mate

Absolutely was.

Nice clicks bro...especially the terrace ones.

Hope to see you soon again in that office, chilling with your friends.

Haha! Thank you. Always appreciate your support.

Well, you can still spend some time trading crypto, can't you?

Not if you are liquidated...

I stopped trading crypto (forgot to mention that) thanks to overleveraged trading.

Well, now you can say you learnt something, at least... overleverage is the killing weapon

I always play safe. Few things happened. Days turned into weeks. Learned life's biggest lesson.