Good News: Hive Listed on Korean Exchange Bithumb

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Good news: Today, one of the most influential South Korean exchange Bithumb has added Hive token.


In the last 6 years, Bithumb has well over 8 million registered users. The audience is primarily Korean (similar to Upbit). This listing has positively impacted Hive's price:


Few more important points:

  • Bithumb also released a 6-page Hive report (unfortunately, it is only in Korean).

  • To celebrate this listing, Bithumb is also offering free BTC and a commission coupon (which I believe is trading discount).

  • As mentioned here (in Korean), BTC will be airdropped to 100 users. The amount ranges from 0.12 BTC to 0.25 BTC.

  • Along with this, Bithumb is also offering 0.002 BTC to 200 people depositing at least 7000 Hive tokens. There will also be a coupon offering you 0.03% commission on trades.

Here are the details from the announcement:


The supported pair right now is KRW (Korean Won) with close to $7 million trading volume.


In the past, every listing has created volume and substantial price change — and then we see a pullback.

Overall, as this is a Hive/KRW pair, it will attract and activate several hundreds and thousands of traders.

Good times — especially with Hive hardfork around the corner.


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i wondered what caused the spike. Im somewhat in disbelief at the dump though its ridiculous.

In fact, was just having this conversation as the dump is a surprise. Every time we go up, we launch back to where we started. What can we assume from this?

not sure, news like that never really creates sustained price gains anyway but its shocking to see it go right back and below where it came from. It will take time for traders to hold instead of folding but there is enough money flowing around now to kick this bull market off. Its all relative.

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I was wondering why it jumped up, but any extra exposure can be useful. We know that Steem has a lot of Korean fans keeping it afloat, but maybe some will move to Hive. We cannot afford to exclude too many people.

Is Bithumb the exchange that tended to have crazy Steem prices in the past? I know some were a bit odd. I don't really trade, so don't keep track of all the goings-on.

I don't really trade, so don't keep track of all the goings-on.

Makes sense. We can calmly enjoy such good news.

In fact, I used to work with an exchange reg in South Korea and we saw Bithumb as the God of exchanges. I think Bithumb received some $200 million funding and went global after that.

Still widely entertaining the korean audience though. Unsure how it impacted Steem but definitely has a massive impact on any token that gets listed there.

Offlne, these guys also invite project owners (say 10 of them) and then select a winner - winner gets free listing. To see such a natural Hive listing without any catch is truly heart-warming.

Hive is doing okay considering it is comparatively new. I bet some of the Steem faithful are fuming. Plus you have Steemit selling millions of their stake. I have sold mine, so don't care what happens to it now.

Nice day - great news! )

Fantastic news! :)

Hive keeps getting better.

Where can I see a post about the upcoming Hive hardfork?

I will be updating it on the Hive Newsletter (every Sunday). Otherwise please follow @blocktrades for the updates.

I think she would need to check the nsfw section for that :-)