I Have Attracted The Virus

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Dear Hivers,

It is with a heavy heart, I am sharing this news.

The entire month was filled with ongoing sickness but I had no clue the road would eventually lead to this.

I didn’t notice until last week when I started coughing. I felt dizzy and suddenly lost my sense of taste. I thought fever does this to you.

Then the next day, I lost smell.

No matter how much I try, I can’t smell anything. It felt weird.

My brother saw this — and confirmed I have been infected. He works as a volunteer along with the cops to curb coronavirus in and around the city. He said I am showing every symptom possible, and then took out a little Oximeter machine...

The signs were clear.

As much as I hate to admit this, I would like to feel strong and believe this is temporary.

Right now, I have locked myself in the room. With no taste, smell, and a blank mind — my activities are severely limited. I apologise for missing out on all the actions.

In fact, sometimes my body feels like it has been coated with fire. And then there are times I feel cold yet sweat excessively. To lose the sense of smell has left me confused. My right side of the ear has issues (called Otitis Media) and I can’t hear anything from this side anymore. Even simple act like talking on the phone or standing is a privilege.

I am writing this with laptop on my stomach and gratitude in my mind. Whatever happens, the show must go on. We must grow. The next few days are going to be challenging.

These are testing times. I hope and wish to come back with a positive update soon.


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@sidwrites i hesitate to write this, but here goes.
If you like i can coach you to help you recover from this probably very quickly.
I can do this pro-bono via messaging or voice or video connect.

Will watch for your post on beginning to feel better.

Hoping you can take comfort that despite how hard this does hit some of us, it isn't as deadly as they originally thought (low mortality except for elderly and immune compromise like other viruses). I'm pretty sure I had it in January (I rarely get sick) as it knocked me so hard, and for a good month at that. I slept sitting up because of breathing issues for that whole time. To show how serious it was to me, I don't do meds or doctors and sister in law has antibiotics I finally began taking in week three as I was beyond exasperated it wasn't long gone already like the flu would have been. Of course, we still hadn't been told there was a new virus to worry about at that time, so I was extra wtf is going on.

Make sure to take vitamins (if you don't already) and drink as much fluids as you can. The media has been silent on these important actions, but they will help your body in fighting off this horrible invasion. I also think sleeping sitting up (if you can call what I was doing sleeping) may have aided in reducing the drainage into my lungs that increases when lying down.

Antibiotics and fever reducers can potentially make symptoms worse.

Hard to know what is what given all the deception they have been feeding us. Just read that only 6% of the US death toll is from Covid alone, the others were all with Covid. So less than 10k deaths solely attributable to Covid.

I normally shy away from any type of medications due to my distrust of medical/pharma, but this time I was concerned as it wasn't going away. My SIL gave the antibiotics during the second week, and I held off until the end of the third week of still feeling horrible, worried about infection as my lungs hurt for so long. Not sure if they helped at all, or the passage of another week was what offered the cure.

I had "flu like symptoms" in January, it seemed a little out of the ordinary, but I didn't take any medicine.

Everything seems totally normal at this point.

hope you get well soon. Stay strong

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@sidwrites you are key!

@frankbacon votes for Yoga.png

Get well soon. Up your vitamin C and D daily dose to fight the inflammation faster.

Hope you don't get it too bad and are healthy again soon. Wishing you all the best.

Stay strong and get well soon bro

Be strong. Hope you can get well soon!
Bloody stupid virus

Sorry to hear this brother. I hope you get better. All will be well. Stay strong and keep fighting.

You will overcome this, I'll be praying for you

I hope you get well and recover swiftly!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

I wish you a quick recovery. As long as you keep strong in your faith, you surely will fight and overcome it.

Wishing you speedy recovery.

Hey Sid,

Our hearts will be beating for ypu. It is just a virus and do not forget that nothing can be stronger than a Hiver 💪🏼
Take care of yourself mate 🙏🏼

Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Hope you bounce back to full health asap!

Take care man! I hope you can recover soon!

@sidwrites get well soon💐

So sorry to hear this Sid, hope you recover well soon. Use that oximeter to keep an eye on your saturation. This is very important.

Damn man, stay strong!
Wish you a fast recovery

🙁 Oh no! Hopefully you don't get one of those horrible cases and you recover soon. Get plenty of rest!!

You gonna be fine. Take in the positive spirit. This is @tykee.

OMG. I am so sorry to hear this. Please take care and get medical if you feel worse. Don't underestimate this.

 4 years ago  

Hoping for your fast recovery, bud! You'll overcome this.

Get well soon mate! Sending prayer and positivity on your way!

When I catch a bad flu I lose my sense of taste and smell, it is disorienting. Hope you recover quickly❤️🙏

Get well soon Sid!

Get well soon. Remain strong.

Aww that sucks. Hope you feel a lot better sooner.

Dang man, that sucks. I hope you have a speedy recovery. Best wishes. I will look out for the updates.

I live in a place that is very lax about it all and I still don't really know anyone who has had it. It's a strange virus. If you've made it this far you will be alright though, keep your head up.

Get well soon, I will include you in my prayer. Be strong @sidwrites, May God bless you.

I hope you can get well as soon as possible!
Best wishes. Hoping for your fast recovery.

All my best wishes to you, stay positive and strong!

This is serious. I wish you a speedy recovery.

I wish you all the best - get well again soon! And thanks very much for sharing this - maybe it helps to convince other people here on this platform that Covid 19 is not just a normal flu... I get mad when I see people writing that they intentionally go to supermarkets without wearing a mask, even though it is required. They consider this libertarian, but even if I would be 99% sure that this is all a joke I would still try to protect others just in case the remaining 1% turns out to be true!

Sid, I wish you a speedy recover. Just found out my invalid brother has contracted it. And it is trying times.

Godspeed to you

I'm having trouble trusting anything I see or hear on "the news" so I'm very impressed to hear a first-hand report from a real person.

Sorry to hear that. I hope you recover soon, take care 🙏🏽

Sad news. I wish you a quick recovery. Take care.

Oh my God sad to hear that, just please be strong, you can defeat the virus with a strong immune system. if you experience difficulty in breathing I think you should be in the hospital and not just quarantine yourself at home.

God bless you!

I have been a bit inactive myself for the last few weeks. Missed your post.

Feeling bad that you fell sick and caught corona. Take care of yourself bro. Just read the replies of this post. So many people praying for you. I am sure that it will bring a smile on your face.

Take care. Have a speedy recovery.

Sorry to hear this, my best wishes for your recovery.

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Hang in there Sid. It is a bad virus and it sounds like you have a bad case of it. Prayers coming your way for a quick and full recovery.

Hey man, you feeling any better?

How are now my friend? It's been 26 days since your last post, I hope and pray you are okay now.

God bless!

It's been so long, at least a month in fact since I last saw any post from you, and being the consistently inactive Hive user, I just imagined that I might've been missing new posts from you in my timeline, or maybe you've gone for a holiday or are busy at work.

To suddenly find this post a month later is heart-breaking, and absolutely tragic. Even though it's been a while, I've seen some of your voting activities on HiveBlocks, so I'm hoping that you're getting better. I'm sorry that I haven't been able to take notice, but I pray that you get well soon. Stay strong! 💪

It's a new normal as they say, but the normal I feel is missing is compassion...

Sending you positive energy and healing my friend. Please let us know how you are doing 🙏

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