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RE: The OCD community

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I always support for manual curation on Hive that would give original and quality content creator value of their hard work....I have been involved with manual curation for our growing @indiaunited community with 21k HP and also support the quality content with my own 12k HP. I love to make users familiar with the importance of posting in correct community...Earlier, I was involved with 'helpie' community and now looking ahead to carry on with OCD community......please acknowledge my application for curators role @acidyo.

It's good to see community like OCD doing best effort for welfare of all the community...and hive.


I would like to recommend @steemflow for this. I have known him for a very long time. He has done a great job in curating content for the @indiaunited community. Most of his picks are always well-deserving authors. All the best @steemflow.

Thanks @bala41288 I am happy to support the quality content