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RE: The OCD community

in OCD12 days ago

I love every bit of this!

...Reddit wouldn't be as big as it is today without the addition of communities or so called subreddits.

We've both been around the block for a few years now, and remember what Steemit used to be like, waiting around for the empty promises of community functionality to finally come to fruition... I used to write curation posts for @steemgigs, and it's truly a hassle trying to curate a tag that can just be spammed with content fishing for upvotes.

I agree that communities aren't exactly used to their full potential, but everything here has always come with a bit of a learning curve. With time to adapt, the people who have come to call Hive their home will create things others could only dream of doing.

I absolutely love the work I'm doing for now as the community curator for @hivehustlers, and we greatly appreciate the opportunity to be included in the incubation program.

The idea of being a general "community for communities" and strongly encouraging content to be posted to relevant groups is something that will truly help the entire blockchain not only grow but thrive.


I've actually started a community of my own, related to the very first group I formed on Steemit, though I've only told a few people about it and I'm not quite ready to "launch" it.

I would throw my name in the hat for OCD curator and create some more of my beautiful curation posts, but I think I may have my hands full when I get this all ready to go. I'll definitely be in contact about joining the incubation program, though, once we have regular and relevant content being published.