Embracing life as we get older

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A few weeks ago, I went to buy matches at a mini mart beside my house. While there, I noticed a new product and asked the girl attending to me what it contained. She informed me that it was a biscuit. I wondered, "When did they start packaging biscuits like this?" Curious, she asked if I would like to buy and taste it. I replied, "Biscuits, of all things? Biscuits are not what I'm craving right now. Instead of buying biscuits, I would rather purchase more matches."

During Easter celebration this conversation took place with someone who said, "We don't even buy Easter clothes." I rolled my eyes and responded, "Easter clothes? I'm not even thinking about that. If I want new clothes, I will buy them, not because I want to buy Easter clothes, but because I need new clothes."

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Now, I recall when my Mom used to buy new clothes for us during Easter when we were much younger. She would buy biscuits for us, but I vividly remember that she rarely ate any herself. It wasn't because she couldn't afford her own, but because it wasn't important to her, just as it's no longer important to me—perhaps because I now understand the true meaning of Easter.

I can't remember the last time I went to a shop specifically to buy a biscuit. It's not because I lack the means, but rather because it's the least of my cravings. Could it be attributed to maturity, responsibility, or a deeper understanding of life? There comes a stage in our lives when things that used to matter or be important to us no longer hold the same significance. Instead of trendy bags or shoes, we seek quality. Instead of mere friends, we desire valuable and supportive relationships. Instead of playing at love, we yearn for genuine affection. Instead of an immediate 2,000 currency units, we aspire for a stable income, and much more.

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Our personal preference can change over time. As we get older we prioritize more on the actual need. Someone things that are important to us when we are younger are no more important to us as we get older. That is why there are conversation you won't even like to discuss with some people again or some friends you are no longer in talking terms again. Because we feel that they can't give us the us the right advice we needed. As we get older, we now need meaningful relationship and stability.

And also as we get older ,we appreciate our parents sacrifice and effort because we now understand why they do the things they do while we are more younger.
Whatever stage you find yourself in, strive to make the best use of it, learn, grow, and find fulfillment. Embrace the opportunities that come your way and leverage them to your advantage because they won't last forever. Seeking new experiences out of our comfort zone. Don't squander any stage, so you won't have regrets in the future.