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RE: Dinan and St. Malo France

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Very nice report with great photos, as always! With the kouign-amann you've been had a little bit, though. The real kouign-amann come from Douarnenez, that's a small port north of Quimper on the other side of Brittany :-) Not that it matters, once they go over a certain amount of butter your heart won't care anymore. Good though, ain't they?


Oh, I see. I thought that the entire province of Brittany was known for the desert. We also saw that it was big in St. Malo. There was a small store that looked like it could be a store chain that had a lot of glass windows where you could watch them being made. It was actually pretty neat. We watched the dough being folded and then pressed in a machine like 10 times or so. We didn't at one there though. My body couldn't handle a second one, even the next day.
But I bet they are really good where they originate from - Douarnenez as you pointed out.
And yeah, very tasty and sooooo much butter. I could literally feel my heart shifting into a lower gear to make it through the process of digesting the thing Hahahaha. After the first bite I was thinking "I'll be lucky to make it out of this alive."