When you make a bad decision...

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The pain after we feel making a bad decision is undoubtedly very aching. We feel the urge to rush out of what we have done. Sometimes we can make it better. But most of the time, it's not possible to change it and we get no other option rather living with it.



Bad decisions happen. We can't be very conscious every time and everything is not controllable. Learning how to handle a bad decision and what to do afterward is necessary. I can remember how I have cried for days after feeling that I make a bad choice. I wish I could know more how to deal with it back then!

  • The first thing we must do is accepting our emotions'. It's totally okay to feel bad, feel like crying, get angry with thyself. Accept it that you have made a mistake.

  • Release your emotions. Now this one is very necessary. Most of the time we try to stay strong and come up with something to cover our bad decision which makes it worse.

  • Remember to not blame others for your own choice. Yeah, people can influence you to take the bad decision but it's always you who did that. And there's no gain blaming others.

  • Don't let it consume you. Life will not end there, it will not end anywhere until you are alive. So, don't stick to think about what I have done. Move on.

  • Forgive yourself. Thining you are the worst person will not help you anyway. Let it go and forgive.

  • Don't hold any regret. Bad decisions happen to all. This time it was you. So don't hold any regret.

  • Make a better decision-making plan next time.

The last one is very important to ensure we don't have to repeat the cycle of bad decisions. You know, one single division no matter how impactful it is not the end of anything. It may make your and others' life worse. But there will always path to move forward. Learning these will help us to find that path!