LIL: Pictures From Miami Beach and My Community

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My pictures today have no unified theme, but were taken with the hope that they would find a place in LMAC's Image Gallery, LIL. Some of these were sent to me by my daughter in April when she took a vacation in Miami with my granddaughter. Most of the pictures I snapped as I walked around my local area. The engaging dog that posed (Dog Posing) for me was also walking around and rather enjoyed being photographed, as you can see.

The Broken Television Screen actually arrived at my house in that condition. I thought it made an interesting shot.

If you haven't borrowed from LIL yet, or better yet, contributed to it, please do. This is a resource open to everyone in the Hive community. Rules and procedures for borrowing/contributing are spelled out here.

As I write this blog I'm planning for my next blog, which will feature a collage for LMAC collage contest,#131 (currently underway.) The contest runs till Monday night, and there are prizes for the best entries. Join us! Rules and procedures may be found here.

The contest, and LIL, grew from an idea that @shaka had. He not only created these two projects, but has guided their growth for some time now. Recently, he received hands-on support from a dedicated team: @quantumg (our magician coder and developer), and @mballesteros (our bilingual curator/moderator).

I hope you enjoy my pictures, and hope you will check out the gallery in a few days to see if these pictures have found a comfortable place there.

Thank you for reading my blog. Hive on!

Dog Picture Dog Sign, Dog Picture
Metal Bee and Flower Lawn Ornament, Bee and Flower Ornament
Broken Television Screen Broken Television
Stone Window Window, House Ornament, Brickwork
Kiddie Pool Kiddie Pool, Swimming Pool
Silver Flower Flower, Metal Flower, Decoration
Lawn Decoration Assortment Pinwheels, Lawn Decorations, Plastic Bee
Dog in Two Poses Dog, Animal, Pet
Dog Posing Dog, Animal, Pet
Dog Looking Forward Dog, Animal, Pet
Three Cats Cats, Animals
White and Yellow Petals Flower, Bouquet
Orange Flower Closeup Flower, Plant
Pink Flower Petals Pink Flower, Plant
No Smoking Sign Sign, No Smoking
Don't Bother the Goats Sign Goat Sign, Don't Pet the Goats, Don't Feed the Goats
Go Slow Children Sign Traffic Sign, Go Slow Sign, Kids Playing Sign
Dog in the Shrubs Metal Dog Statue, Dog in the Grass
People Swimming Miami Beach Beach, People Swimming, Horizon
Miami Condos Under Brilliant Sky Buildings, Sky, Hotels
Miami Beach, With Seaweed Beach, Shore, Sky, Hotels, Seaweed
Peeking Over Legs at the Beach Legs, Beach, Sky
Seaweed on the Shore; Distant Condos Seaweed, Beach,Distant Buildings
Distant Horizon on Miami Beach Sky, Beach, Ocean
Sunrise on Miami Beach Sunrise, Beach, Ocean
Umbrella and Chairs on the Beach Beach, Sky, Umbrella, Chairs
Bird in Flight Over the Ocean Ocean, Sky, Shore, Bird
Turquoise Ocean Sky, Ocean, Surf
Two Blackbirds Birds, Animals
Tool Shed Building, Shed, Tool Shed
Raptor in a Nest Bird Nest, Raptor, Light Fixture
Skyline Skyline, Horizon
Floating Barge Barge, Ocean

Oh lady! You are the queen of LIL assets. I love cloud formations and you just gave me some amazing cloud shots here. This post is full of amazing images cats, dogs, flowers, signs, clouds, beaches, and much more.

Thanks for all those lovely contributions. Hope you'll have a great weekend.

So nice of you to visit, @emaxisonline! I am happy you might find use for these photos. I think the sign about the goats is funny. I didn't see any goats but the area in which the sign was placed definitely was not inviting (poison ivy!).

I haven't checked to see if you made a collage yet this week. Mine is finished but I will wait to post. As soon as I saw @shaka's amazing photo I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Hope you have as much fun....

You also have a great weekend.

Poison Ivy secretes some kind of oily fluid, which causes a lot of irritation, thanks to warm weather these plants don't grow here.

I have not yet started mine as well, but I know when you gonna post, secret.

Thanks for your kind reply.

Hello friend, how are you, what beautiful images for the Lil library, I liked the puppies, thanks for your contribution that will help us to create our collages.

Thank you my friend, @cetb2008. I love the puppies also. You and I do love animals, I know. When they engage with the camera, I think it is so charming.

I appreciate your visit. Hope you are having wonderful hikes with your family in the mountains.