LIL: Contribution to library: Tools and everyday objects part #2

Hi, lmac-ians. This is my second contribution for #lil. I had to finish my list of everyday objects, kitchen domain is quite complex at that.
I also got a bit into my father's garage and shot some "stuff", got my translator to work a lot, to add the right keywords. I shot just enough of them so I think I could build a robot out of the screws and nuts and the rest of the stuff, like in Transformers 😅.

I don't know about my pickles jar and most of the others, but I'm sure the moon will have better chances to be used in collages. 😁

All photos are mine and have been photographed by me.

Kitchen tools kitchen, pickles, cup, straw, pan, mustard, toaster, coffee, pills, apron

Kitchen tools kitchen, mixer, pot, towel, grater, tea, paddle, sieve, squeezer, brush

Kitchen tools kitchen, pot, tray, potatoes, decor, cook, whisk

Work tools gloves, boots, key, box, lock, extension cord, work, mechanic, saw

Work tools extinguisher, canister, pliers, vest, helmet, key, ladder, axe, gear

Work tools helmet, pipe, pliers, screwdriver, screw, key, mechanic, screw nut, spring,

Desk tools desk, envelope, agenda, money, basket, garbage, pen, compass, CD

Accessories belt, boots, socks, masks, glasses, scarf, fashion, clothes, accessories

Cards play, games, joker, cards, poker, hands, lucky, debts

Flower pots flowers, pots, green, plants, grow, garden

Objects mail box, frame, gas, hook

Toys present, toys, nutcracker, Christmas, house, turtle, piggybank, play, kids

Moon moon, dark, night, moonlight, eclipse, sphere

Moon moon, dark, night, moonlight, eclipse, sphere, bright

Moon moon, dark, night, moonlight, eclipse, sphere, bright, orb, full

Moon moon, dark, night, moonlight, eclipse, sphere, bright, trees, light

Hands hands, nails, grab, reach

Hands hands, nails, grab, reach

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