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in Let's Make a Collagelast year (edited)

The following selections are from fractal art I experimented with and created five years ago.

How the fractals turned out was not always what I was going for at the time. I gave each a name to go with the design and thought they could be useful in posts or collages.

This is the twelfth entry of my images for the LMAC Image Library (LIL).

Dreamcatcher Fractal Art, Fractals, Dreamcatcher, Background, Mysterious
Digital Flower Fractals, Digital Art, Flower, Pink, Background, Fractal Art
Chaotic Flower Flower, Digital Art, Fractals, Fractal Art, Green, Mysterious
Stars Star, Stars, Digital Art, Fractals. Fractal Art, Mysterious, Background, Pink
Bubbles & Balls Ball, Balls, Bubbles, Circle, Circles, Digital art, Background, Fractals, Fractal Art, Mysterious
Six-Pointed Star Star, Stars, Digital Art, Fractals, Fractal Art, Pink, Background, Clover, Mystical
Dust Mop Duster, Dust Mop, Digital Art, Fractal Art, Fractals, Mysterious, background, Blue, Pink
Purple Moon Moon, Sky, Background, Purple, Digital Art, Fractals, Background, Fractal Art,
Purple Mystery Thing A Ma Jig Purple, Mysterious, Thing A Ma Jig, Fractals, Fractal Art, Digital Art,
Five-Leaf Clover Clover, Plant, Five, Green, Fractals. Fractal art, Background, Digital art
Digital Octopus Digital Art, Fractals, Octopus, Tendrils, Background
Purple Haze Fractals, Digital Art, Purple Haze, Stars, Purple, Background, Mysterious
Orange Bubbles Circle, Balls, Bubbles Orange, Fractals, Digital Art, Background
Colorful Balls Balls, Circles, Orbs, Fractals, Bubbles, Christmas, Digital Art, Background
Bubbles Background Bubbles, Lights, Background, Fractals, Digital Art Circles
Christmas Balls Christmas, Balls, Decoration, Bubbles, Fractals, Fractal Art, Digital Art, Background, Mysterious

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Nice to see this kind of work, thanks for sharing. !PIZZA

Thanks and thanks for stopping by.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thanks. You too.

Wow, they look great, Jo, I have never tried to make such art, but I like it 😍

I hope you're having a nice Saturday 🌞🤗

!BEER and !WINE and !PIZZA - perfect 😃

It’s been a few years since I made the fractals. It was fun at the time creating them. I had an app on the desktop but since I started using the iPad I haven’t tried any.

Thanks for everything dear .Hannes. 😊

A quiet Saturday. We are going to have some lockdowns again because of a resurgence of Covid cases. Our snow is gone and temps just above freezing.

Hubby is getting around quite nicely now but still needs to take it easy. It’s amazing what they can do now to help people with joint problems, although I wouldn’t want to go through it.

I hope your Saturday is going well. It would now be evening for you. 🤗

I think as kids we have drawn kind of fractals or similar.

I have been on a hike this morning. It was cold and very windy on top of the mountain, but it was great to be out once again.

It's cold and most of the snow is still here, even in the city.

Our lockdown has ended, but I am sure it will not be the last one - Christmas and New Year's Eve will bring the people together...

Yes, your Hubby should take it easy until everything's fine again. I also wouldn't want to have such problems or a surgery, but I have seen quite a few people who have got new hips and they are walking again almost as if they never had any problems.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, dear Jo 🌞🤗

!PIZZA and !BEER - sounds like a nice dinner :)

Nothing like the fresh air to make one feel refreshed and alive. I checked your page but didn’t see any photos of your hike.

I tried to load the j wildfire fractal app on my iPad but didn’t have any luck. It would take a lot of time and patience to get back in the groove of doing the fractals.

Thanks for the goodies and boost with ecency points, dear Hannes. 🤗

Sunday is looking good with temps around 1C. I can live with that. 😃

Have a pleasant Sunday!

I haven't done much hiking in the past months and it was really a great feeling. I'm not sure if I'll make a post, and I haven't made a lot photos because the wind was very strong and it was freezing. So I just add a few pictures to this reply :)

Maybe there's a newer version of the app that works with the iPad, but I understand you.

Our cats love to be out on the balcony, even when it's freezing they have fun sitting there and watch the birds - brrrr ❄️

I'm wishing you also a wonderful Sunday, dear Jo 🤗🌞





!PIZZA and !BEER - sounds like a nice dinner :)

Wow! These are beautiful sunrises and would make a nice post. Love them all and the first one especially where the rising sun casts a pink shadow on the snow.

I’ve been busy today making the ginger-men cookies with the red jelly in the belly. I haven’t made them for awhile. They freeze well to take out if any visitors over Christmas.

Sounds like your cats are doing well. Red likes to look out the open window and will stare at me until I open it for him to smell fresh air. The two feral cats are still around but so afraid of me. They have been wild too long to be tamed. 🐱

Have a wonderful evening, dear Hannes. 🤗

Thank you so much kindly, Jo 🤗

I think I remember you have told me about these ginger-men last year, and I think I wanted to tell my wife to try making them too, but my memory might be wrong 😄

Yep, our cats are doing well. Maybe you are right and these cats have been wild too long, but maybe you will be able to get closer when they trust you more one day.

Wishing you also a nice afternoon and evening, dear Jo 🤗🌞

!PIZZA and !BEER - sounds like a nice dinner :)

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You are very sweet Jo donating to the library.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 85 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Yay! 🤗
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