LIL: Images For LMAC Gallery

The following various images are my donations to the #lil gallery.

Family Walking With Dog Man, Woman, Dog, People, Humans, Pet, Pets, Baby Carriage, Sign, Transparent
Welcome Sign With Frogs Sign, Amphibians, Frogs, Welcome, Welcome Signs, Green,
Bulldog Dog, Pet, Pets, Bulldog, Transparent, Animals, Dogs
Volkswagen Volkswagen, Car, Vehicle, Bug, Cars, Transparent, Transportation
Antique Car Vehicle, Car, Antique, Cars, Transparent
Vacant House Building, Vacant, House, Houses, Transparent, Buildings
Yellow Bus Bus, Vehicle, Transportation, Yellow, Transparent Vehicles
Vacant Old House Ready To Fall Down House, Old, Vacant, Building, Buildings, Houses, Transparent
Vacant Old Building Vacant, Building, Barn, Shed, Buildings, Transparent
My Father’s Old Barn Under Repairs Barn, Building, Barns, Transparent
Model Train Sign Sign, Museum Sign, Model Train Sign, Railway, Transparent
Model Train Train, Model Train, Railway, Tracks, Museum, Transparent, Building
Cyclist Cyclist, Human, Man, Bicycle, People, Transparent
Woman Walking Woman, Walker, Female, People, Human, Transparent

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The inspiration for this library came from LMAC founder @shaka and our coding master, @quantumg. The community steadily increases and runs smoothly with additional assistance of team members @agmoore and @mballesteros.



I love your vacant houses. In the suburb where I live they are a rare breed. It's like old people. We don't seem to want to keep things around that show age ;))

Great pictures my friend, @redheadpei. I have been putting together a list but it's taking time. Maybe tomorrow. My new hobby: taking pictures and extracting them for LIL.

Have a great Sunday.

Thanks very much dear A.G. @agmoore. These dilapidated houses were out in the country. Some would have looked grand at one time. Wherever I see one I wonder who would just walk away and leave a house to fall down. Some may because of disagreements in the family over the estate after the owners pass on. I know of a few where the parents died and the children never sold the house and eventually, sitting empty for years, it would be beyond repair.

I hope you Sunday is a pleasant one with some sunshine. We had sun here today. 🌞

I think ideas of cycling near town is perfect, we have more houses and cars👍 amazing collection

Thanks @worldstories. 😊 Yes, good to see folks cycling around town and on the trails.

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More great additions to the library Jo!! My favorites are the vehicles. My husband and I used to go to old car shows but most of the ones we went to stopped and with work and such we stopped going. Plus the really good ones are some distance away. I also love the train but really they are all terrific!! 😊💞

They had an old car show here on the Island once a year before Covid, Dee. Always interesting to see them. The train not longer travels on the Island and it was nice to see the model train. All walking or hiking trails now where the train tracks used to be. ♥️

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 98 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!