LIL: Images for LMAC Gallery-Clouds and Sunday Cat

The following are images for the #lil gallery. I have photographed the photos at various times.

The first four photos were taken yesterday after a heavy snowstorm. The day was one of the coldest this winter and, looking upwards, the clouds were in unusual long narrow streams.

I added two photos of dearly departed Sunday Cat. He passed unexpectedly a few months ago and has left a big hole in the household.

Sunday was a sweet tempered cat and loved to sit on my lap. My other cat, grumpy Red, is much older and I can tell he is lonely without Sunday.

Long White Clouds Clouds, Skies, Sky, Cloud, White, Blue
Long Greyish White Clouds Clouds, Sky, Grey, Cloud, Dark, Trees, Skies
Long White Narrow Clouds Clouds, Cloud, Sky, Skies, White, Blue
Blue Sky With White Clouds Clouds, Cloud, Sky, Skies, Blue, White
Door Knocker From My Door Door Knocker, Brass, Door, Transparent
Lamp Post Lamp, Lamplight, Lamps, Lights, , Lamp Post , Transparent
Sunday Cat Cat, Cats, Animal, Animals, Felines, Black and White, Transparent
My Sweet Little Sunday Cat Cat, Cats, Felines, Animal, Animals, Black and White, Transparent
Boy Standing On Rocks Boy, Male, Human, Person, Shadow, Rocks, Transparent
Abandoned Boat Boat, Dory, Watercraft, Boats, Transparent


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So sorry about Sunday.. I lost my cat BEAR Dec 7.. only 8 ...
Aren't those chem-trails lovely...not///

Thanks Mike and sorry about the loss of Bear. Sunday was only 7 yrs. old. He had been moping around a few days and suddenly died. He was an injured kitten when I brought him home . His mother was a barn cat and he had fallen out of the barn loft looking for her. She had gone missing.

Yes, one has to wonder what’s falling to the earth from chem trails. I used to take photos of them but haven’t for awhile. Those clouds I took did look like chem trails but are just harbingers of cold weather.😊

If you are interested in the truth or something other than out right lies go on alt-media like bitchute or odysee..

Nice clouds and lamps, Jo.

This idea was great - that way Sunday will live forever and he will be loved by many people 😃

!BEER and !WINE - both make a nice dinner with !PIZZA :)

Hannes. I had written a long eulogy after Sunday passed but got too sad to post it. This way he still is remembered.

Thanks dear Hannes for your kind support and generosity. 🤗

We have been busy getting rid of the snow that fell. At least the temperature warmed up and we got out of the deep freeze for now. It is January so you never know the weather.

I hope Thor’s Day is going wonderfully. 🌞

Hi Jo,

as always, it's a pleasure 😊

When our old cat died I made a short post. It was sad, but I thought I had to do it to keep him alive somehow. Sunday's photos will be be loved and used by many people - he will be remembered for sure.

Thor's Day has been busy and the weather nice but cold. It's easier for me if there's a lot of snow because our only problem is to clean the parking lot 😉

I'm wishing you also a great Thor's Day, dear Jo 🤗

Cheers with !PIZZA and !BEER

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Beautiful cloud photos -- stunning!

Thanks @deeanndmathews. 😊

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Thanks Pix!