Let's Make a Collage - A Contest for All Creatives on Hive - Round 59 - ✨151 HIVE in the Weekly Prize Pool!


Welcome to Round 59 of Let's Make a Collage!

The LMAC keeps growing, now counting 499 LMACians! 37 original collages were submitted to the last challenge in which a total of 120 HIVE was distributed to all winners!

Thank you all for supporting the LMAC and thus the Hive! Whether you are a collage contributor, LMAC trail member or stakeholder who supports us with your upvotes, the LMAC's success is owed to every single one of you!

Before we get the next round started, the usual reminders:

  • Please make sure to set the LMAC community (-> account @hive-174695) as 20% beneficiary in your entry posts. Only then you are eligible to receive the community bonus if you make it to the TOP 10! A growing LMAC community will thank you for it! 100% of the proceeds will be added to each round's prize pool.
  • ❗️If you contribute 5 times to the community bonus during a three month period, you become eligible to receive the new LMAC Contributor Badge for prize pool supporters. This badge comes with its own benefits as described 👉 here.
  • A curation trail has been registered on hive.vote to further support all valid submissions to the LMAC. By following this trail you will support all LMAC contributors but also receive a decent boost on your curation rewards by frontrunning a vote by me (@shaka). Find all details about the LMAC curation trail 👉 here.
  • Entries which fail to unambiguously document that all collage elements used are free of any copyright protection can not be shortlisted! It's up to the contributor to proactively provide all sources in their entry posts.
  • All entries need to be posted to the LMAC community to be considered for the challenge. To help increase the visibility of our community please avoid cross-posting.

And now, let's kick-off Round 59 of Let's Make a Collage!

What do you see in this picture that is not yet there? Let your creativity run wild and transform this scenery into whatever you wish to see. Your imagination is the only limit!

Click 👉 here for a HiRes version of this template.

Those new to this contest, please have a look at the contest rules below!


  • 🥇 First Place: 15 HIVE plus 10 % of the LMAC's beneficiary rewards*.
  • 🥈 Second Place: 12 HIVE plus 10 % of the LMAC's beneficiary rewards.
  • 🥉 Third Place: 10 HIVE plus 10 % of the LMAC's beneficiary rewards.
  • 4️⃣ Fourth Place: 8 HIVE plus 10 % of the LMAC's beneficiary rewards.
  • 5️⃣ Fifth Place: 5 HIVE plus 10 % of the LMAC's beneficiary rewards.
  • Top 6 -10: 10 % of the LMAC's beneficiary rewards each.

*Eligible to receive from the LMAC's beneficiary rewards are only those winners who have set the LMAC as 20% beneficiary in their respective entry posts.

➡️ Entry deadline is November 23, end of day (midnight UTC)!


  • The above photography needs to be the starting point for any further modification. It is provide by me (@shaka) for free use without any copyright protection.
  • 📌 Entries need to be posted to the LMAC community and should contain a reference to this post.
  • 📌 Entries need to set the LMAC community account as 20% beneficiary to be eligible for the dynamic component of the prize pool.
  • 📌 Submissions need to be linked as a comment to this post.
  • Any graphical element that is added to the photography either needs to be your own original work (e.g. own artwork or photography) OR needs to derive from the public domain (having no copyright protection).
  • ❗️❗️ Do not forget to indicate the source of all materials used in your accompanying post. Otherwise your entry can NOT be put up for the final vote.
  • All sort of editing, modification and/or manipulation is allowed as long as no copyright is affected.
  • By submitting your contribution you agree that your artwork remains public domain and that it can be copied, modified and distributed, even for commercial purposes, without requiring further permission.

The LMAC community is looking forward to your contribution!

Photo recorded by myself with an iPhone SE

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Here is my shitty contribution to the 59tieth round. 😎
Birds Final Cut 2.jpg
Good luck to all!

Congrats! That's really shitty! 😎

Oh nooo 😂😂

It's cute!! 😍

Thank you but I mistakenly posted on my blogs (No community selected) so may be not consider as an entry :D but GOOD LUCK to all of YOU


It's a big war hahaha 😂

je je je, ojala y nunca pase!

HERE is my new art prank for this week. 🤓
Good luck to all!
final director cut groß.jpg

It's a beautiful photograph, like all the ones I've seen so far. I have looked at it for a while and it was a very difficult challenge for me. At the end of the previous round ("Behind the bus", they would say in my country) I told myself that in this one I should be able to overcome at least one of my technical limitations . I will have to work very hard! Beautiful and difficult, my favorite! 😆

A new story begins with a tired warrior with his suitcase ready... to return home?

I have been looking at today's challenge all day, it is really a challenge. But will definitely come out with something


Hey @shaka, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

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Mmmm.. let me see what is coming out of this nice photo! 🤔

That picture is really beautiful. Where is that place @shaka?

Grandiosa y Hermosa fotografía creo que tenemos muchas ideas por desarrollar

My entry to LMAC59 - All of them smile

Hello @shaka, and friends on LMAC:
My collage for this week:
The Remarkable Florence Nightingale
shaka 59 gif7.gif

Thank you, @shaka, and good luck to all!



This is My participation.

In The celebration some laugh and others cry

Visit to me hear,

Éxito para todos!!🐝🐝🏵️🌻🌼