Take a look at the posts here #cross-post you can see for yourself if there is any abuse. Also none of the users of this feature are likely Steemit abusers... because none of them use steemit. But also they are too high profile in how they are used and seen. Big pink banner on them on steempeak makes people tend to inspect them a lot and for those who have already seen the post they don't tend to get a lot of votes because people may have already voted on the post in another community.

The one issue we have seen is auto voting services are severely behind the times with the advent of COMMUNITIES ... they are pretty much broken because they don't take into account the increased ammount of posts because now users have different places to post in addition to their home/blog.

However with that all said if you have constructive feedback we'd love to hear it over in our Community.

Sorry, I have just noticed your comment now.
The feature has bee already abused as I predicted. serialfiller:


And first accounts that seem to be solely created to attempt to farm on cross posting have shoed up: (created by actifit-peter) (created by peekbit)