Introducing the "Community Cross Posting" Feature

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Authored by @jarvie

"Cat's out of the bag"

Recently we told everyone to use to test out communities and a whole slew of new features. One of those features that people randomly found and are super excited about is our Community Cross Posting feature set.


Versions of Cross Posting are very common features on sites like Reddit/Facebook/Twitter.
Now Steem will have the ability... and it's time to see how this goes.


We have lots of information to help communities and for people doing the cross-posting below... but...
If you're in a hurry the short of the matter is Cross Posting posts from one community to another is now available on ... hopefully it will be visible on other interfaces shortly. It's extremely easy and communities need to figure out what they find acceptable on their own community.

If you want your post in a community put it in there FIRST
If you want it on another community CROSS-POST
If you want it on your home page RESTEEM


First, what are communities?
Hivemind communities are an ORGANIZATIONAL tool that includes moderating abilities. They're truly transformative to the experience of the Steem Blockchain (based on the opinions of most of us that have used communities, they've changed the way I use Steem for the better during my couple months of test)
We should all be thankful to @roadscape for pioneering the development of hivemind and the API that makes it run. And thankful to his employer Steemit INC for paying him to do it.

When you add to a community you are deciding WHERE YOU WANT YOUR POST TO LIVE. When you decide that you're deciding what group of people will interact with your post. Cat community wants to see cat posts for example put that post there for them to see.


There are times when you may want your post to live in multiple places. You believe both communities would truly benefit from the post.

There are times when you as a community wish that post was in your community so your people could see it and converse about it in the way that you like... with your own conversation.

So Community Cross Posting is a very simple & decentralized method to let a user share a post to a community.

  • A community can have rules and they should decide and state what they allow.
  • We are not putting the content of the post onto the chain a second time... we share a permlink.
  • The magic is on the interface side where each interface can DISPLAY the content from the Original post.


  1. Click "cross post in..."
  2. Choose your community
  3. Write a message to accompany your cross post ... just enough to give it context.
    (presently 100 characters)


  • CREATING: Cross-posting is pretty simple and any interface can actually be used to create. However, presently it's 2 simple clicks on (and soon to be on
  • SHOWING: Displaying the elements of the cross post is likely only to be supported only on for the type being but we invite every other interface to join the fun.
  • Soon we hope all interfaces will show your cross posts in a beautiful way... but the good news is that at least there is a link to the content so people can see what you're talking about.


  1. A TEST: I think you should consider community cross-posting an experiment. We know why it exists... because multiple communities may have different takes or reasons to love and interact with a post.
  2. NOT TOPIC CROSS POSTING: This is community cross-posting not topic cross-posting. We are not adding tags to the post because that just makes it so your topic feeds get cluttered with multiples.
  3. SIMPLE: Cross-posting is simple just two quick clicks and it's up.
  4. POSSIBLE TO RE-EDIT: People could re-edit the post and do things like ADD TAGS/TOPICS however the plan is for them to not show up in the UI as a cross post on topic feeds. So keep them to communities.
    Also of note is that you can't remove it from a community or change communities of the cross-post.
  5. COMMUNITY DECISION: It's the right of the community to moderate and decide if they like cross-posts or what type of cross-posts are allowed.
  6. ABUSE IS POSSIBLE: Some people may choose to abuse the system, Hopefully it's not prevalent but we believe it won't be terribly common as they are fixed to communities and we believe that communities will use their moderation powers to keep an eye on these circumstances.
  7. ONE STEP TOWARDS EVERGREEN: This is only a step in the direction of helping users organize their content so that it gets seen. One of many steps we still need to do. But it's a big step to put content in front of other users that are specifically there for that reason.
  8. AutoVote systems will need to adapt or you'll adapt by using separate accounts. Truth is autovote systems probably already need to adapt to the onslaught of community content that is coming.
  9. STILL BEING DEVELOPED: It's in beta for a reason... we're testing it. Please give us feedback. But with that said it's totally LVIE on and usable on

Other ideas for community rules are:

  • Do not cross-post if it's been shared before
  • Must burn your reward portion
  • One cross-post per week
  • Only cross-post your own post
  • Never cross-post your own post
  • You must write a description with your cross post
  • Only cross-post posts 7 days or older
  • Never cross-post posts 20 days or older
  • Never cross-post something you put on your home page first because that feels greedy.

Respect your community... it's THEIR space it's their decisions.


Be responsible and understand your audience... do they like cross-posts? Does the content your sharing really appeal to them? Write a note and give it a bit of context as to why you think it belongs in that community or what the conversation could be.

Also... why didn't you just post it in the community to begin with?

Examples: You could share a post from an opposing sports team and write a short description to give it context:

"Hey guys this opposing team thinks they are going to beat us on Saturday, what do you think?"

The beauty of cross posts is that it starts a new conversation directed just to your community.
While you can go back to the original post and comment on it in general.

Have at it: We are looking forward to cross-posting your best How To videos, introduction posts are really thorough reviews about STEEMPEAK to our community.
This was one of the driving factors for making cross-posts... Some of you make such great content that we want to share it with our audience in a place that directly impacts them and where we can organize things to make it more evergreen.
(We understand there is still lots of work to be done to help keep amazing content evergreen... stay on the look out for future features)


This is NOT a system built with making money as the primary goal... we did this to make communities happier and help people find and interact with content. However reward pool is a part of Steem Blockchain so let's discuss that.

We have the ability to add options to cross posting, but for now on release and for testing, we went with a very conservative system:

  • 90% of the reward will go to the original author
  • 5% to the new community
  • 5% remaining to the user doing the cross-posting.
    In fact it's better than that we will duplicate the same rewards beneficiaries as the original author for their portion.


Sure we could get more complicated on this... but for now let's role with this and see what people think.
What's likely to happen is allowing the cross-poster to BURN their portion if they want, that's an example of an easy change to this system.

People could use self-cross-votes to upvote their own stuff more often... but truth is cross-posts are very visible and very bad places to abuse the reward pools. They will be watched closely by users and if you think self-voting large amounts is frowned on now, self voting your own posts twice will likely be even more frowned upon by some users. People will devise many crazy ways to take advantage of the rewards pool however we expect that cross-posts won't be very effective way to do it.


@justinsunsteemit mentioned they are likely to release the beta version of this week or next and we would love to do the same... so we've been getting all sorts of COMMUNITY related features ready. Cross-Posting is perhaps one of the ones I pushed for the most. I knew it would be useful but so far the reaction has been pure joy and excitement which makes us happy.

We still would love people testing and helping explore the many ways we can polish it up for release to the main site. Also you may stumble across a few more gems of new things we've put on the site that we've not even talked about yet.

And of course if you have an amazing post ABOUT SteemPeak we welcome you to post or cross-post to our community.


We are one of the top 20 block producers on Steem and help govern present and future changes to the blockchain if you are a fan of that and want to see that continue please help by voting.

@SteemPeak ->
This works for all witnesses btw


Thanks for the thorough explanation on the cross-posting feature @SteemPeak! This answered all the questions that I was thinking of when I learned about it yesterday.

Ah this clears up a couple of things for me and now I get the idea re evergreen and will inform my community (and set rules) accordingly...

Yes i'm thinking about some rules for the communities I run.
I think they have to have posted it to another community first if they want to post to our community. Or burn reward (upcoming button feature)

If they post to a home page then our community it seems greedy because they could have easily posted to the community and then did a resteem.

Not saying those posted to a home page first can't be reshared but maybe that's at a moderator's discretion.

Great stuff. You guys are always introducing great new features. I greatly look forward to cross-posting my content from my economics community.

This is legit fantastic, thank you team!

One suggestion:
Since SteemPeak allows for the ability of "hidden" posts which don't appear in ones profile / blog page, can our crossposts be hidden by default?

I just crossposted something for the first time & saw that it should up in my profile page, but I'd rather my crossposts not do that.


@ cryptopie is already abusing cross posting, perhaps disable the feature for those who continue to abuse after being warned

Thanks for bringing it to our attention. We understand that when something is new that there may be people testing the boundaries OR not knowing exactly what is acceptable.

Our main message was simply to say that if they want to post in a community they should do there first and then resteem to their home page. It does look like he first posted to his home page and soon after put it onto a community.

We view this as more of a way to get a post into two communities for discussion.
Also we hope to have a button option to allow cross-poster to burn their share of the rewards.

As a follow up


The way you handle things @steempeak - very professional.


suggestion: I have a lot of spam accounts on mute, so please hide comments based on my mute list for people checking my blog without being logged in :)

Should already work exactly like this. If not please give me a link I can use to double check ;)

Oh, thanks. Fixed in the next update ;)

Hi @ash

Could you tell me how can some account be muted from posting within hive? I cant find this feature ...

good question - no idea, haven't created a community yet...

@asgarth might be able to help you :D

Thanks for prompt reply @ash

I've noticed that you're posting a lot about topics like blockchain, technology etc. Most of your publications seem to be very short. If you would ever plan to post anything longer, then consider posting within our project.hope HIVE.

I will gladly upvote your content with min 100k SP and share with others within our team.

Do you use Discord by any chance? I would like to DM you as I see opportunities to collaborate.
You can find me on our channel: - join and drop me a message :)

Yours, Piotr

discord is a privacy nightmare, I talk business via matrix or email :)

Hi, if you are a moderator or an admin in a community you'll have the option to mute posts.

Thank you @asgarth for your comment

Would you mind telling me how to do that via Somehow I'm failing to find this option :(

Also one question? if as admin I will mute post in managed HIVE, then noone will see it (while visiting our community) or will it be only muted for account which muted it?

Yours, Piotr

Wow, this is AWESOME!! I only used steempeak occasionally for posting but now I will be using it a whole lot more! Awesome feature guys! :0)

Feature request: add notifications for mentions, when another user use your user tag in the post (maybe with an option to filter mention spam by blacklisting). Saw that Steemit Beta is adding notifications finally.

Mention notifications are already there on

Oh cool thx :)

Very good feature, I am very happy with the presence of steempeak, I always use to view and post, it's very cool sir, good luck always, I support it,

@steempeak - another bug report for bete.steempeak (although i hesitate to use the word bug - as it's beta), perhaps suggested improvent report would be better :-)

No menu ... on comments - so unable to reply to comments in beta mode.

Please advise if there is a better place i should post these reports. Thanks

I'm using the beta site and I'm currently writing the reply to your comment. Are you sure you are logged in? Also feel free to join our Discord ( for feedback and bugs ;)

I was not logged in. Duh! Sorry to waste your time

No problem ;)

@SteemPeak and @asgarth I have a question that perhaps one of you can answer. Let's say I post to a community and then re-steem the post so it shows up on my own page as well. What happens if the post is removed from the community by a moderator? Does the re-steemed post on my own page and/or any cross-posted post become a dead link(s)?

No, the posted is not 'removed', but 'muted' in that specific community. Will still be available in other places.

Thank you for the clarification!

A really great feature. I just tried it and dared to write about it short article.
Thanks :-)

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not directly connected with the theme, but it is a steempeak thing. Until few weeks ago i did not have enough SP to claim accounts. now i have a couple. As i never created an account is there a way to create an account for someone and for me to not have any contact with the keys generated?

Presently we do not have that option where you wouldn't see the keys of that new account. But we want to.
So for now you could make an account send it to them... and maybe tell them how to change their keys.

Hi. is this a good place to post a bug (or missing menu) report for beta-steampeak?

I will do so anyway.

Tried to edit a post in beta.steempeak - couldnt find how.

beta.steempeak menu.JPG

Reverted to steempeak and found how :-)

steampeak menu.JPG

Thanks for your awesome work btw. I love Steem and Steempeak.

Ps. I would really appreciate it if you would take a look at my my What if? post about the upcoming @matrix-8 multi level governance system. i am looking for a developer(s) to move this forward.

i hold a very strong conviction that once implemented it will be super supportive for Steem (if Steem use it for governance, and will bring BILLIONS of users to Steem) and for HUGE Positive World Change, to bring about abundance and peace for all beings.

Thanking you in anticipation of you reading, replying and resteeming.


"...the plan is for them to not show up in the UI as a cross post on topic feeds."

I am still not clear on what this even means. The difference between communities and tags will take some time to be demonstrated to me, I reckon.

One worry I have about communities is that it will definitely strengthen echo chambers, and this will prevent understanding and tolerance from growing between communities. I don't know of anything that will more strongly counter that than cross-posting, so I am very happy to see you are working hard on it.


When you click on one of those tags/topics at the bottom of a post that takes you to a feed of all the posts that have included those tags in the post. Community Cross Posts are meant for sharing to communities not for sharing to a new set of tags.

I literally laughed out loud. I have been here for nearly three years and never knew tags were clickable links. That's one of the funniest things I've heard all week.


Does the original author get notified when their post is cross-posted by another user?

I would like to see the cross post auto decline payouts. After all you are only posting a link, I am not sure after seeing it in action it is something that I will use, but all tools can be used for good or bad, dependent on the user.

Yes, working on it right now. It's something @jarvie already suggested but not found the time to add the option yet.

I'll just have to be careful for now, and make sure it is not just a link back to something I already voted on.

I would like to see the cross post auto decline payouts.

Exactly what I was thinking. Especially if it is self cross-posting. Creating two posts with identical content is the easiest way to farm rewards.

way cool. Nice work indeed. This is a much needed and welcome feature

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You got a 7.60% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @steemium!

Awesome :))

Great features, good work. For sure I will use an education community in the future.

This feature may be very useful, thank you.

Could you, please check for the length of the message BEFORE the Confirm button is pressed?

I've lost the perfect (and too long) message when I first tried the feature :)

Thanks & !BEER

Can we get 1 steem 1 witness vote in this next fork?

Steem and not Steem Power? Or do you just not like it showing mvests. I think someone could calculate what the SP conversion is and show that instead on witness pages. That would not take a hardfork.

Today if you have 1m sp, you can vote 30 times 1m sp.
What i would like to see is 1m sp split between up to 30 votes.

Oh interesting that's a pretty radical change not sure how it would work but if you get a decent conversation going in a governance or witness community let us know.

I've heard it floated, but ya'll talk to those folks more than i do.

Okay, we were already talking about this on Discord (I saw the natural medicine post on this before I saw your post...)

I have a question about how you post to communities to begin with? Especially if (like me) you make heavy use of templates on Steempeak. I didn't see an obvious way forward from my template which is one reason I made a mess of it.

Another one: pinned this to my profile, but there is no "pinned" badge or anything that implies it's actually pinned :)

It does require the active key because it's making a reference to that post in your account metadata. If you think you've done it correctly and it's still not working let us know maybe there is a new bug.

it's certainly pinned, because I just published a new post. just no "badge" that implies it is @asgarth

another one related, sometimes the "pinned" post is not visible in the blog tab, see:

Screenshot_20200220 ash SteemPeak.png
Screenshot_20200220 ash SteemPeak1.png

unfortunately I can not replicate when I want, it seems to be random. Will keep an eye on it and check the console next time

...and this is a bug :D

Thank you for all this valuable and detailed written information. Innovation and SteemPeak go hand in hand.

I will take advantage of thanking @roadscape for all their excellent work. Not only is he a pioneer, he is a creator of a new universe.

The only thing I didn't understand is:

Only cross-post your own post
Never cross-post your own post

I hope to understand in the next few days.

Sincerely, @steempeak are the best of the best! Bravoooo, my applause, my respect and my support.

Those were example of possible rules a community may want to give. I guess it's up to the community if they want to use any of them.

Thank you for responding quickly. Gradually I will use these interesting developments

Bad idea. As explained by me in this conversation.


Take a look at the posts here #cross-post you can see for yourself if there is any abuse. Also none of the users of this feature are likely Steemit abusers... because none of them use steemit. But also they are too high profile in how they are used and seen. Big pink banner on them on steempeak makes people tend to inspect them a lot and for those who have already seen the post they don't tend to get a lot of votes because people may have already voted on the post in another community.

The one issue we have seen is auto voting services are severely behind the times with the advent of COMMUNITIES ... they are pretty much broken because they don't take into account the increased ammount of posts because now users have different places to post in addition to their home/blog.

However with that all said if you have constructive feedback we'd love to hear it over in our Community.

Sorry, I have just noticed your comment now.
The feature has bee already abused as I predicted. serialfiller:


And first accounts that seem to be solely created to attempt to farm on cross posting have shoed up: (created by actifit-peter) (created by peekbit)

Great now how do i add an image for my steempeak community?

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