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RE: Life Hack | Part 9 | Strategies for Doing Improvisation Exercises in Organization

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That's a nice article. You have compiled the tips very well. Cheers!

Edit: I just noticed that you have posted the same article yesterday as well with just a change in the title. Was it posted by mistake?


@bala41288 first of all thanks for stopping by and reading my article. Actually the thing is that I am not using peakd to post. So I have to manually cross post it , but I am learning that how to do that so that it's make life easier and less time consuming. If you like you can guide me through that.😀

You don't have to cross post actually. When you make a post once it is available in the all posts section. If you try to do it this way, it becomes a duplication. It is better to avoid duplication. 😀

Ok , I see , thanks for the advice. 😀