Let's CELEBRATE my 3rd BIRTHDAY on HIVE and Steemit TOGETHER ....

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INTRODUCTION - my 3rd HIVE and Steemit birthday


Early morning I've realized that today is a very special day. Just 3 years ago, exactly on 2nd March, I've joined Steemit (which later forked out to HIVE).

That was the day when I've managed to create an account and started a new "journey" in my life. One that brought me so much joy and emotional satisfaction. One that allowed me to get to know many people who share similar interests and values. People who often I started to consider to be my good friends.

It has been an amazing journey so far and there is hardly ever a day when I do not open my laptop in the morning with excitement and curious what another day will bring.



I've heard that sentence several times in my life and I truly agree with it. Being surrounded by many wise people who are often kind, supportive, and willing to share their knowledge has definitely changed me.

Within those 3 long years, I've spent online thousands of hours, engaging with a great number of @project.hope members. I wrote several thousand comments and managed to build some great friendships and business contacts.

I've matured greatly. Learning from the life experiences of people often way smarter than I allowed me to broaden my horizons.

For all of that, I'm eternally grateful.



I've mentioned in the title "special initiative". One that I would like to share with you all, hoping to get more people on board.

I would like to use today's opportunity to make a small POSITIVE CHANGE for someone who I have recently met on this social media platform (steemit and hive). Someone, who I've learned to value and respect: @joseph1956

He experienced some life difficulties which many of you already experienced yourself: living in a struggling country, where every day is a challenge. This country is no other than Venezuela.


The other day he mentioned his Son. Elias Samuel.

Elias just turned 14th years old a few days ago. And there is something very special about him and his father. They both share quite unique and challenging conditions.
They both were diagnosed with Asperger.

So ... the other day I spoke to Joseph about Elias and I've learned that "he no longer enjoys toys but technological things. He even makes programs on the computer. We wanted to give him a samsung cell phone but the budget was not enough.".

I've also learned that a second-hand Samsung cell phone would cost approx 150usd, which may not be a lot for many. But it's a fortune for others.



I decided to set up a 99% beneficiary on this publication to @joseph1956 and donate 10 STEEM and 10 HIVE to his wallet. Those funds will be used by Joseph to make this little dream come true.

So please, be generous with an upvote :)

JOIN THIS INITIATIVE and help us spread the word


There are few ways you all could participate in this initiative and help us make this world a better place. Even if just for one kiddo. Even if we won't reach our goal right away - I'm sure we can at least put a huge smile on his face.

Obviously every re-post and upvote counts. You may also consider supporting this idea by transferring as little as 1 STEEM or 1 HIVE to @joseph1956 with the memo "Happy birthday to Elias" or "Feliz Cumpleaños Elias".

Finally, you can simply visit @joseph1956 profile and drop an upvote on his recent publications.



If you feel like doing a good deed or perhaps you would like to give me some small gift because of my 3rd birthday on HIVE/Steemit? Joining and supporting our initiative is all I'm asking about.

Yours, @crypto.piotr
@project.hope founder
check out our community: https://hive.blog/trending/hive-175254



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Why you morons still vote this steem leech?

Don’t care!



Please cut the spam


You have been serial spamming peoples wallets for years.

And busy shilling for Steemit, and circle jerk farming.

Happy birthday to @joseph1956 and also happy 3rd anniversary on Hive @crypto.piotr.

I'd like to make some donations. What account can I send it to?

Thank you buddy
Transfer it to @joseph1956. Details on how you can help are described in the post :)

Cheers, Piotr

Alright. Thanks.

Hello dear friend @ crypto.piotr good afternoon
Happy third anniversary.
I share many of the things you say, having come to this company has changed my life, in August it will be five years that I live from what I generate here, it is my main source of income and the one that makes my dream of living come true. outside the traditional employment system.
Another thing you mention is people and friends; The human quality that is here is impressive, and it is what makes the difference, throughout these years I have made many virtual friends.
You are doing a great job in our company. Congratulations.
Excellent action, the people here are very supportive, without a doubt Elias's dream will be fulfilled
I take this opportunity to wish you a long weekend. Enjoy it a lot

 3 years ago  

Dear @jlufer

Thank you for your encouraging and kind words.

having come to this company has changed my life,
this company? what do you mean? HIVE blockchain?

Stay safe,
Yours, Piotr

Yes. When I mention company, I mean our beloved Hive platform,

Holy crap. So generous!!!
It's like $8 altogether.
You probably think that because he is from poor Venezuela so you can send such pathetic, insulting gifts.


 3 years ago  

Will you join this initiative @logic and support @joseph1956 ?

Or perhaps your only agenda is to criticize others?

As far as I know, Joseph is very grateful for this gift. Especially knowing that it's coming from someone, who isn't wealthy himself. He surely didn't feel insulted. You may reach out to him if you actually care.

Regards, Piotr

Since it says “on HIVE and Steemit” in the title I took a quick look at to see if your used your Blurt account yet and you didn't.


Do you think that Blurt has no future? Or lacking needed features?

I should mention I'm not a Blurt advocate but considering how easy it is to copy paste a Markdown postings I just started to use it in addition to Hive and Steemit.

 3 years ago  

Hi @krischik

I'm not sure why you're asking about BLURT. This post isn't related to it in any form ...

I'm not on blurt for one simple reason: they snapshoted amount of STEEM and SP, but never snapshoted delegations. So there was no point for us to ever try, since we would have to start from zero. Curation trail would have to be build from the scratch already as well.

Cheers, Piotr

Hi, @crypto.piotr

I would have certainly delegated to @project.hope on Blurt as well if only you had asked. As it is I delegated to @freevoter, which has a similar concept. And as far as I see it @freevoter does well on Blurt despite having to start from zero.

Of course the curation trail is a different matter. But then I never used that.

Regards, Martin

Congrats on your 3 years anniversary.

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Hi mate... I have supported directly @joseph1956... so hopefully, I could help him a bit.

Thanks for the usual !ENGAGE

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Happy third year, and thankful, more people like you are needed to change the planet.

Greetings friend @crypto.piotr.

First of all congratulations for your third year in both chains, in fact there are great contributions that you have given us and from that we have learned all of us.

One of the most important characteristics of you is the one you show in this opportunity because you are always attentive to all of us and that has a lot of value, thanks for teaching us to be better people, I hope we can make the dream of little Elias Samuel come true.

What is steemit? *rhetorical * IDC.

So caring of you @crypto.piotr, happy birthday to you and @joseph1956. Will support with the little I have.

Very nice sentiment! Will send HBD if that is alright :)


Congrats on your anniversary. I will be sending 1HBD to support Joseph. Cheers!

He could get a brand new xiaomi note 9 for that same amount. It is an efficient smartphone


the world needs people like you @crypto.piotr. Happy birthday to you on Steemit also for Samuel happy birthday for you, hope you doing well and your dream comes true... I don't have a liquid hive at the moment, but I will delegate 10 hive power to @joseph1956, hope this helps....
#correction It seems 10 hp is useless, sorry I was just newbie, I thought hp is same as hive liquid

Keep doing the good work..

Congratulation on your anniversary and happy birthday to @joseph1956 ...
I think we should be happy that we got a very supportive person as a leader, the great @crypto.piotr

Cheers guys !

You are an angel on earth @crypto.piotr , thank you for everything you do for us and for making Elias Samuel happy

Hello friend piotr.

Happy birthday, it's 3 years of good experiences you have had, you have a noble heart, and as @joseph1956 says people like you are the ones needed to change to a better world, congratulations to Elias. Greetings

Happy birthday to you and @joseph1956.
We need a supportive leader like you to keep moving forward :)) @crypto.piotr

Greetings @joseph1956 is a man of the culture of my region and my country, writer and culturist of the particular dialect of the state of Zulia in Venezuela. Many blessings to your son. And may he achieve his goal with the contribution of all.

This is a kind idea. So good of you. Happy birthday to you and @joseph1956. I will send in my own support for Elias right away.

Great. Congratulations and wish you many more years 🙂

Happy birthday to you @crypto.piotr it has been a blessing knowing you and I wish you the best in this new year. Keep being amazing

Congratulations on your birthday @crypto.piotr, I wish you better years to come.

This is a good humanitarian service and it is appreciated.

Thank you for all the time and love you have given us in this community @crypto.piotr. I wouldn't trade what we have for anything. ⏩ Thank you for another year of love and affection, keeping all the moments we've spent together in this special community inside my heart. ⏩ Here's to another year and all the ones to come!

Happy 3rd anniversary.

Hi @crypto.piotr
Happy 3 years anniversary on hive, its been an awesome experience having you on board thanks for making this platform more fun.

Will surely support with some steem token thanks.

Greetings my dear @crypto.piotr in advance congratulate you on the 3rd anniversary from PH and in second instance is to let you know the gratitude we have for you and your spirit of philanthropy which allows you to look for different ways to make us grow within the blockchain as PH does.

Happy birthday @crypto.piotr
@project.hope founder. Even though I am still new on the platform, I appreciate your heart for humanity. I am making my donation right way Thanks.

Greetings dear friend, first of all let me congratulate you on your anniversary in the steemit blockchain, no doubt these platforms have given us many satisfactions and has allowed us to meet excellent people.

It is a great gesture on your part, in promoting the help for the young Elias Samuel, I am sure he will be happy with his new gift, I will leave my support by giving some steem.

See you later, have a great week, God bless you.

@crypto.piotr happy birthday and congratulations for everything you have done over the years

Thanks for mentioning me in your list
and good luck

Hi @crypto.piotr

Congratulations on your anniversary.

An excellent initiative that I fully support.
A very beautiful gesture, amazing!

Best regards @joseph1956 and Elias Samuel

Many more to come.
Upvoted @joseph1956 recent post, also sent 1 hive.

A community like project.hope can make anything possible.

Congratulations on your 3rs anniversary. Full upvote in support of Joseph.

Well congratulation to you on your 3rd Hive and Steemit birthday🎂. A journey started three years ago and many more years to come. Wishing you for the best.

I have been a bit busy so sorry for the slow response.

First, happy belated birthday to @joseph1956 - I have sent you 10 Hive as a present.

Secondly - thanks @crypto.piotr for all the help you give this community and for these great ideas for supporting people in the community. Happy anniversary too and please enjoy a glass of !WINE on me.

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Just seeing this now. But I would still like to wish you a Happy 3rd anniversary on Steemit (and Hive). It is so great to see how you have grown and contributed a lot to others within this space of time. And to @joseph1956, a happy belated birthday to him.

Happy 3 years birthday to you, Piotr.

Happy belated birthday to your son, Elias, @joseph1956.

Congrats Piotr for 3 years.

that's a wonderful idea, they say there is strength in unity so I would love to help too and do my bit to help @ joseph1956 achieve his dream.

Congratulations on your third anniversary and many successes in the future.

3 tough and exciting years. Congrats. My hope is that this post ultimately inspires change, both for those suffering in Venezuela (especially Elias), and honest efforts throughout the community.

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