17 Fake Passive Income Ideas Explained, FANG+ Stocks and Gold Price Explosion – Charts of the Week

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This week, I made a critic post listing 17 fake passive income ideas of others where some are not passive, some not an income and some just not a good idea. Cause unprecedented notebank and government packages unprecedented asset prices? I presented the K-shaped recovery. The upper leg of the K is the winners, the lower leg is the losers.

This is my weekly chart and post recommendation for you. I started a new project on my financial web page, Agelessfinance, publishing now “charts of the day” and list posts for you, readers. I present you the summaries and if you are interested in the topics, or the charts or pictures in better resolution, just click on the image. But the posts contain much more than a chart. Also, click if you want to know more about the background of these trends.

17 Fake Passive Income Ideas, Explained

This post doesn’t contain a chart, it is a thorough, critic article about 17 fake passive income ideas, explaining why they are fake.

  • There are so many lists with passive income ideas on the internet.
  • But many items on those lists are not passive, not an income or not a good idea.
  • By passive income, you invest time, money, or knowledge today to earn more later.
  • We have compiled a list of passive income ideas that aren’t real ones.
  • We found a lot. We explain why.

Click the picture to view the full post: 0028 remote4561363_640.jpg

Will the Big Ones Get Bigger and Bigger? – FANG+ Stocks on the Peak

  • The FANG+ stocks are running high, some of them reached the pre-coronavirus top.
  • Smaller companies and the broader market is still in negative territory this year.
  • Another sign that stock selection is very important in the crisis.
  • Are we facing a K-Shape recovery?

Click the chart to view the full post: 0031 FANG Stocks  Nasdaq 100  SP500  SP500 equal weight  Russel 2000x640.jpg

Gold, Silver Prices Jump, Platinum Recovering – Chart of the Day

  • The chance of negative interest rates pushed gold, silver prices higher last week.
  • But year-to-date, precious metals are still not performing very well.
  • After more unprecedented quantitative easing this year, there is still a lot of space ahead.

Click the chart to view the full post: 0030 Gold Silver Platinum Price 1yx640.jpg

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Let’s Lose Weight – Why?
Yes, seriously, that was also a passive income ideas list item. It has a lot of advantages, your expenses can decrease and your incomes increase. Perhaps you will “live long and prosper” (Star Trek). But not an income itself.

Haha what xD I agree, none of those 17 things are passive income :D
One could argue that there isn't a lot of things which are passive, unless you are crazy rich :D

I think passive income doesn't exist - it is only a new word to describe an old business form, independent entrepreneurship. The deal: Your actual dedication for future incomes.

I kinda thing the same way. The only reason I said the rich can have passive income, is because they can just automatically pay a assistant to do something for them :D

pay a assistant to do something

But they must choose carefully or they can be robbed. Choosing the right people is, also, an active work, an important science.

there are no thing available like passive income. it is just tactic to attract the users. nicely explained. ♥

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