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A topic that is currently being experienced by many families in the WORLD, "TECHNOLOGY " I know that it is a fairly trite topic but it is not unimportant. The education of children both at the school level and at the level of values has been lost? or has it improved over the years?




In my opinion, some things have improved of course, there is no denying that technology and the use of intelligent devices have improved our quality of life or at least made it more comfortable and easier. But I don't think we can compare our generation or our parents' generation with today's generation that was practically born in the middle of this whole digital era.

I grew up with my family and I know what it's like to sit at a table and eat and share a pleasant conversation, without having a phone in my hands. I know what it's like to have a true friendship and spend hours and hours talking about anything, until dawn. I know what it is to enjoy nature or a coffee afternoon, I know what it is to read a book or look for the information to be able to solve my task.

The differences are great and today we have lost things essential to our human growth.



How can we expect this generation to be more sociable and more humane if they were not given the opportunity to be so. How can you expect your child not to have fears and depressive moments if you never take him away from a machine that does not transmit anything good.

I don't currently have any children, but I'm sure that I won't put technology above their personal growth. I don't want a robot, I want someone who can feel and grow intellectually and emotionally. And behind a screen I doubt very much that I can achieve this.

With this I am not demonizing technology, of course not, everything has its advantages, I can not deny that today I work from my home and that has allowed me to keep, but we know that all the excesses are bad and that a person in GROWTH, must be educated and trained otherwise.



It seems illogical to me, for example, that a 6 or 7 year old child has a smart phone, I don't see the need for it, in my opinion the age should be different unless it is a very big need but otherwise I don't think it contaminates them from such an early age. This is not a priority for me.

I know that nowadays society dictates something else, if you don't have a smart phone you are not in anything. But that is already part of our work as parents, to teach that you can be happy and enjoy many virtues without having to fall into the vice of technology.

That our children know the reality of life and learn to appreciate what is really important is the work that every parent should acquire.


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Hello @franyeligonzalez, according to you technology affects the good development of children, too much time on screen makes them lose the ability to socialize and solve problems. It is a topic to pay a lot of attention to.

Hello friend, you are very right, thanks for commenting!

Hi friend, thanks for commenting!

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Excessive use of technology in children affects their literacy and academic performance Excessive use of technology can limit academic performance, literacy, attention and abilities in children under 13 years of age, so parents should limit the use of smartphones to their children.
Today, we are aware that we live in a changing society. Technology advances every year, a fact that is difficult for the elderly to adapt, but at the same time, a new digital era in which children grow up hand in hand with new technologies.
Until the minor learns how to use it responsibly, the parents must be the owners of the phone and must be able to access it.

Hello friend, that's right, we must teach them in a responsible way the use of technology. Greetings!

Good article, personally I think that the new devices is equal to the TV in our childhood can be used to entertain or simply you can leave a child endless hours in front of the device to keep him distracted.

Hello friend, good comparison, I agree!

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Thank you for your support!

I agree my friend, you can't put technology above the education of our children, sometimes for comfort we let them spend hours in front of the computer or with video games, I have a small child and we have a rule that we all sit together to eat, that includes that my wife and I don't use the phone during lunch, it's the best example we can give.

Hey man, I love that rule, we need a lot of that in this generation. Greetings!

Considering the way technology is being consumed today, many parents (or guardians) are unaware that it is being more harmful than beneficial to their children's education.

Such a wast of time, isn't it? ;(

Great post, @franyeligonzalez.

Hello friend, I agree, many have no idea what they can cause.

Hi my friend, I share with you the concern of the serious consequences that technology causes in the education of our children, where definitely the control of the parents in the use of it is fundamental.
In particular, in the family, one of the most effective techniques we have used is the use of technology for short periods of time, complementing the rest of the free time with sports activities.
Control and supervision in the family home will always be the key.

Hello friend, that's right, we must be aware of that and create more time of productivity.

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