Powerful Words: "COUPLE"

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Hello dear friends, I hope you are well and that this beginning of the week is full of great moments, that you achieve all your objectives and goals.

Today I want to talk about a topic that I think is interesting, COUPLE.I know that many of us have a partner, but what does that person who shares time and great moments with us really mean? is she someone elementary in our life? can we go on without her? It would be good to be able to answer those questions.



Our partner is a very important being in our lives, is the person who in one way or another will always be by our side and is the one with whom we will create new memories. We cannot lose sight of the fact that before we think about loving or loving another person we must love ourselves, but why, in my opinion, a relationship can fall to certain extremes, we can have toxic relationships on one side or the other, we can fall into emotional dependence, into physical and psychological abuse, it is for that reason that we must be aware of what we are and what we deserve.

For many, a couple is usually a salvation, but in my opinion a couple should be there to share, to grow together, to support each other and to love each other day by day. We cannot untie all our problems in one person nor think that she is the solution to them, I believe that this is the cause of many breakups or unhealthy relationships.

Trying to fill that void that we feel is not the SOLUTION, first we must know why we have that void and what we can do to solve that which affects us so much. Many people reflect on their partner the unresolved problems, I think almost all of them, even if we are not aware of it.



A couple should be our traveling companion, can be part of our inspiration without falling into the pathological, should be our best friend and even our favorite person. Or so I see it.

Communication should be part of the BIG PILLARS in every couple, we are not fortune tellers to know what the other wants or desires, or even worse to know how he feels. It is good to talk, to say what is happening to us and to be able to express our emotions and feelings without inhibition. That is one of the keys to having a successful relationship, obviously not the only factor.

We human beings are all very different, for that reason we do not all want the same thing, but without a doubt LOYALTY AND FIDELITY should also be part of those BIG PILLARS.

Both must work together, must seek the good for both, we all have weaknesses and defects of that there is no doubt, but our partner can always contribute to strengthen those WEAKNESSES.



Many years ago, a loved one went through a very difficult situation and unfortunately his or her relationship fell apart. That person fell into a very serious state of depression and even had suicidal thoughts. I know perfectly well that it is not right and that we cannot fall into emotional dependence, but it is something that happens very often.

My message before this event is that we must work on OUR MIND, it will always be with us and we must take care of it.

My recommendation, love yourself so you can come to love other people and heal that which still affects and hurts you so you don't see it reflected in that person who wants to share his life with you.

Thank you very much for reading me!





life is short and the couple is only one of many people who will share the journey, it is sad to know that no one is indispensable in the lives of others so it is better to enjoy the couple while this because no one is eternal.

Hello friend, certainly no one is eternal and we should appreciate what we have at our side! Greetings!

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Thank you for your support!

The couple is important, it is a person we have chosen to create and achieve common goals, not to heal or fill a void, hence the problems. He is a traveling companion, but as it usually happens, sometimes the trip ends earlier for one of us, and that cannot be the end of the other, since each one is building his own life, apart from the shared one.

Hello dear friend @franyeligonzalez.

It is always a pleasure to read your extraordinary articles, I really enjoy reading them, and they are an inspiration guide for all of us in our personal lives as well as motivating us to make posts like what you write.

Thank God I have a beautiful and understanding partner by my side who supports me in all positive ways, I think we have really known how to build our relationship through effective communication of things that happen to us, so it is important to highlight what you express:

A couple should be our traveling companion, can be part of our inspiration without falling into the pathological, should be our best friend and even our favorite person. Or so I see it.

That's totally right, that way we should always see our partner despite the differences we may have at certain times.

Thank you friend for sharing such important and thoughtful content with all of us, successes and many blessings for you and your partner.