Making Good Relationship Works

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Relationship is part of life; the way human being is design, we are design to relate with one another and with our environment. Better defined relationship deal with the way two or more people or things connect with themselves and their environment; the way and degree of the connection determine the degree of the relationship.


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If a relationship will work out well then the parties involved must be committed to making it work. The true is that relationship will demand your time, energy, attention, resources and commitment; All this things define the life of a man so it will not be out of place to say that relationship will have great impact on your life whether negative or positive.

In life, we have difference type of relationship and this relationship are define based on the level of connection that exist between the parties involved.

One of the type of the relationship is a family relationship, in which the parties are connected with blood, the blood connect come as a result of having the same parent or grandparents which bring the people involved in the relationship together.

The next one is Professional relationship: this type of relationship is birthforth as a result of the connection that come on the ground of work or business.

What about Romantic relationship, this is a relationship that exist between a man and a woman when the two people are connected to each other in their emotion and feelings for each other.

The last type of relationship I want to talk about is the relationship that come as a result of friendship; this connection is base on the understanding that occur between the two parties.

In all this type of relationship it is our responsibilities to make good relationship to work out well and let go of the bad relationship because in one way or the other the good relationship will affect our life positively and move us forward while the bad one will really affect our life negatively and bring a lot of regret. So careful select the kind of relationship that you will channel your time, energy, commitment and resources into, make sure that the type of relationship is a good one.

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In our life we must make our relationship work, as that good functioning will make our relationship work.

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hello @ great-a ,
the subject of relationships is something that can confuse people today, it is no secret that we live in an age where moral values are seen as old and relationships are toxic to most people in this generation relationships are diverse and often seem more like relationships of dependency than love.

Yes you are right, in today world relationship built on genuine love is not as common as the one built on what one can gain for each other (selfish motive).

Thanks for your contribution