Passion and the Growth of an Organization

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When your staff start loosing their passion and interest in your work then the work will start having some setbacks. At this point you as the employer and leader must sit down and look into what you can do to fuel up their passion so that the company can move forward.

Delay in taken necessary actions will definitely affect the output of the organization thereby have negative impact on the growth of the company.


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So the big question now is how can you increase the passion and interest that your staff have for your organization?

The first thing you need to do is to try and understand your staff. Everyone want to give is best and work for people that understand them. That is why it is very important for you as the employee and leader to understand you staff, what they need and how to help them improve to be a best person not only to your organization but also to the society at large. This in turn will increase the passion at which your staff work for you.

The second thing is to show gratitude to your staff, this kind of act can in one way or the other increase their passion for the job. Everybody want to be appreciated and respect no matter how they look or their status. Gratitude is one of the keys use to motivate your staff, to push and help them to reach their height in life. The more you show gratitude the more their chances of success increase and the more their passion for the job grow.

The third thing that will help you as an employer is to listen and always weigh your staff opinions and if you find out that their opinion or advice is a good idea be humble to celebrate the people that come up with that idea. The truth of the matter is that people love to be involve in what they do and if they feel their advice also count then their passion towards the job will also increase.

In conclusion you as the employer must have it at the back of your mind to increase the passion level of your staff so that your work can I experience the growth that you desire.

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Therein lies the difference between a boss and a leader.
The leader observes when there is a flaw in his staff and motivates them to continue to grow and improve.

You are absolutely correct, leaders motivate

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