The Heartbeat of every Organization

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Many organization have many reasons behind it establishment, some are for financial gain why other are for charity purpose. In any of this case there is one thing in the mind and heart of every organization is to attain reasonable success, in that case there are many way to which their vision and goals can be carry out but many of the ways might not lead to the desire success.

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There is one major thing that every organization must look into, infact I called it the heartbeat of any organization which is the area of leadership. The kind of leaders in any organization will speak alot and define the future of that organization.

Good leaders can take the organization to the next level, I mean greater level while bad leaders can as well bring down the organization to the lowest level so the question is

What are the things to look at for when selecting leaders for an organization?

These are some of the few things to consider or that can help you to select good leader in your organization


This is the number one on top of the list, you need to examine the character of the person you are considering for the leadership position. Character like the integrity, honesty, truthfulness, humbleness and other good virtues.

Character is what sustain a leader at the top because without a good character the leader will definitely fall and bring down the organization.


You need to check whether the person you are considering for leadership is a man or woman of vision and also what is his or her approach to the vision for the organization. Look out for someone that has a vision for the organization and very passionate about the growth of the organization.


It is been said that knowledge is power. Infact I will intelligence drive good knowledge to success so look for someone that is sound in his or her intelligence, know some good things about the organization(experience) and the person should be emotional balance.

Infact it is good for leaders to spend time investing in themselves and develop the IQ.

This is just three out of many things to look at for when selecting a leader. If you get it right in the place of leadership then you are already a step ahead toward attaining the organization visions and goals which in tune lead to success.

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All the organizations look forward to have better revenue and nice margins over that so that they can go on various segment and also grow as a business in the industry . as you rightly mentioned about leadership I believe this is the right and very important aspect of any companies to grow further and it is something that should not be taken for granted if any organization seek to grow further .

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