Experimentation Index!


Learning is the outcome of experimenting.

If you have stopped experimenting, your rate of learning is bound to come down.

The "play it safe" kind of approach will bring us more harm than good. It is when we experiment, we learn the most.

The way the 21st century is unfolding and offering us infinite possibilities, continuous experimentation is not just an option, it is the requirement.

If we are not experimenting, we are not learning new things and if we are not learning new things, we are growing ahead.

When you have a habit of experimenting with new things, you will always find yourself equipped with the know-how of the latest technology. This will further help you understand the next thing easily.

We cannot do the same thing again and again and expect a different result, things have to been done differently.
Unless we experiment, we will not be able to realise our true potential.

Also, there are two kinds of experimentation;

  1. When you try new things in your own domain only
  2. When you move out of your silos

Experimenting with something which is entirely different from your domain is also very important. In today's scenario, multidisciplinary knowledge is an asset.

It is true that some experiments will fail and some will succeed, but each experiment will definitely leave you with some learning for sure.

Let's check, are we experimenting or not?


Since we all are on hive platform, let's help each other by sharing what new we have been experimenting on this platform?

This can give us a new perspective to look at hive platform.

Keep Experimenting, Keep Learning!



Trial and error is very common. Without experimentation, everything remains theoretical.
Without experimentation you don't learn.

Hello @knowledgefruit
Without experimenting it is difficult to fix knowledge and even more difficult to manage to discover new things.Knowledge is strengthened by doing.

Knowledge strengthens by doing.
Doing things differently.

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