16 year jump.

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Pentium 4Intel Core I5 3rd. generation

It was a 16-year jump.

16 years ago I was able to buy a computer that was useful to me for many things until it started to get very slow from that moment I got to know the Linux Ubuntu operating system, since 2006 more or less I am using Linux for me it is the maximum, however despite That was why the computer did not have much performance and it was getting worse and worse to be able to work on that computer so I started saving from the end of December 2019.

It is not easy to save in a country where the currency devalues every day, and it gets worse, so I also resorted to asking for help from a person who is very special to many Venezuelans who are within this great platform. I am not going to name that person but I know and I am very sure that you know him. He is a great man. Worthy of admiration.

In this sense, last week I bought a new CPU with the following characteristics a Biostar H61m motherboard with a 240 Gb and 8Gb SSD hard drive. of RAM with a 3rd generation Intel Core I5 3470 processor, I know it is currently in the 10th generation.

The money that I managed to raise was only enough to buy this model of computer.

But the 16-year jump was excellent, going from a computer with only 1Gb of Ram memory to another computer with 8Gb of Ram is wonderful. Those who know about computers always told me that the performance of a computer in addition to the processor is the RAM.

I am very happy yesterday, August 14, the computer arrived and from the moment it was received in my hands I began with the configuration and also making the backups of the old computer to transfer them to this new computer.

I am truly very happy with my new computer.

The computer has Windows 10 pro configured. However soon I will create a partition to install Linux and probably Ubuntu, however I accept suggestions, but I recognize that Ubuntu always saved my life.

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Hello Professor @lanzjoseg
Congratulations on that acquisition. It is a great leap, although for many it may be something normal, knowing the reality of our country I know that it was a great effort to achieve it. What luck to be able to count on those wonderful people who can and do help...

 11 months ago  

Dear @josevas217

Thank you friend for your words, and if you are right for anyone in another country it is very easy, but in Venezuela everything is a bit more uphill, it can be achieved but the road is long.

I am very happy about my new computer.

Ese pana tu lo conoces.

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Even me I am thinking to upgrade my pc soon despite is only 3 years old. I need more performance for video encoding and streaming for blockchain games soon.

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With the window 10 you will have everything, it is a marvel of the operating system, what a great human being the one who helped you with the computer I have an idea of ​​who he is hahaha I really think that buddy is the best

 11 months ago  

LOL. Si ese mismo amigo.

My favorite post of the day. 16 years is amazing for a computer, even if its a backup :)

 11 months ago  

Hi @machnbirdsparo
Yes, it wasn't easy but hey, I made a 16-year jump, LOL

get out of a Pemtiun 4 and have an intel core I5