Making Your Online Writing Job More Interesting

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While the idea of typing out content in your pajamas at home may sound like a great way to make a living, it can become monotonous. Disciplining yourself to sit at your desk for hours isn't easy either. Plus, you can only make so much conversation with Fido and Fluffy. After a while, you may long for a career with a little more human interaction, or at least some different scenery. What are some ideas for increasing your enthusiasm for your stay at home writing career?

Head for the free WIFI.

You have a portable laptop, right? What do you think they were made for? Not sitting in one spot, staring out the same window all day, that's for sure. So, you have internet at home. That doesn't mean you have to use it every day. Why not write at your local coffee-house, occasionally, even if you don't have to? It's a change of scenery. There are other people around. Plus, you might overhear something that gives you some inspiration.

Some other places that are fun to write from:

You might not always get free WIFI at these places. That's OK. You can still use your word program to write anything you don't need to research..

  • Local venues. (Consider museums and galleries.)
  • Indoor or outdoor malls (Sometimes you can pick up WIFI from surrounding stores.)
  • Parks (They're an obvious, but scenic choice.)

Do a little traveling.

Who says you have to stay in your own locale to write? Why not take some writing day trips? I've taken to going to the mountains to enjoy the scenery during my writing week, as a break. Recently, it occurred to me that I should take my computer and write, surrounded by the gorgeous Rocky Mountain scenery. Every area has it's own natural beauty. Find writing inspiration in yours.

Try writing in one of these scenic tourist destinations:

  • The beach
  • The forest
  • A waterfall
  • A cave, cavern or canyon.

Be a photojournalist.

Taking photos to match your articles makes them more interesting. We all know that. What we don't often think of is that it also ramps up the fun of being a writer. Every time you write an article, instead of looking online for photos, take your own. Turn it into an adventure. Grab your camera and seek the perfect photo to accompany your article.

Note: If your goal is to be a "real" writer, act the part. Make up some business cards. Interview people connected to your story. Take notes and photos wherever you go. Be the person you want to become. Stagnating at your desk all day while other writers get the "scoop" is no way to have a good time.

Maybe you like working at home.

If so, at least sit on the front porch to write or move your "office" to alternating areas of the house. Why stick to writing in your office at your desk all day? Sit outside under the apple tree. Fashion a bower over a bench for shade. You could even build a tiny house writing retreat in your backyard. Maybe you don't have a house. That's no problem. Work on the balcony or in the community room if you're an apartment dweller.

To each his own:

Every writer has their own idea of fun. What's yours? Incorporate that into your writing day to alleviate boredom today!

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For the current situation travelling is not good I think. Good tips to find new ideas to write.

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