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The minimalist term is linked to the most basic form of something, the simplest, that in my understanding. minimalism could be explained as a philosophical current as a trend that emerged in 1960 when Richard Wollheim referred to some art paintings, but the phrase that best explains it is "less is more" by the architect Mies Van der Rohe. I tell you this friends because.

I have become a minimalist person.

I remember watching a movie about the great Steve Jobs and he would say a phrase "if you buy unnecessary things, soon you will have to sell the necessary things to recover the money badly spent" that phrase stayed in my brain. All my life I wasted money on unnecessary things and when the crisis in my country Venezuela worsened, I began to understand how badly I had managed my resources and that made me change my way of thinking.

Now the term minimalist is very fashionable and it totally agrees with my way of thinking, the term is so fashionable that there is a documentary on Netflix called "less is now" that I was watching a few days ago, it has interesting ideas how society is changing now Either because of the disaster or because of the design, another idea is that aesthetics is important but a house free of clutter is more important, in general minimalism reduces the amount of things you have, we must focus on life and not on things, our house is not a museum, memories are internal memories and they are not in things.



Minimalism is against the consumer society in which we live today, but unnecessary consumption without falling into radical ideologies, perhaps the Netflix documentary attacks too much large companies like Amazon and Google, I personally do not see anything bad with big corporations, I think that getting into a consumption frenzy is up to us, I respect all those who live that life and I'm glad they have a good purchasing power, personally I want to save every penny I earn to be able to invest and that's why the minimalist current is what I need in my life.

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I think that room has a great resemblance to my home, it's also a minimalist.

In fact, I liked that concept because of how simple and neat it was and because it doesn't fill you with things that are not necessary at all.

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I am in love with this philosophy of life, thank's for read

A couple of weeks ago I heard that minimalism is being applied to business and that it is giving excellent results. I like the idea of doing more with less, since in the world of consumption, wasted expenses are one of the causes of our economic problems.

I was one of those who spent a lot on unnecessary things, fortunately I learned my lesson

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Hello @ramsesuchiha

This phrase; "if you buy unnecessary things, soon you will have to sell the necessary things to recover the money badly spent", reflects a deep existentialist analysis that gives us the possibility to start prioritizing, without reaching the extreme consumption of unnecessary things, somehow, reducing the amount of things we have is a conception attached to life, because it can be interpreted as an environmentalist and ecological philosophy. Thank you for socializing with us on this interesting and enjoyable reading.

thank's for read my friend, that phrase is the type of phrase that you have to put into practice in life