Responsibility For Your Life And Your Decisions

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The outcome of your life is a direct result of your actions, the decisions you take and your inactions. This is why, it has has been said that you are directly responsible for anything that happens to you (positive and negative). The truth is; anyone that will ever tell you that you have a shared responsibility with another person for the issues of your life is not being sincere with you.

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A particular occurrence may continue to happen to you until you initiate an action to alter it. In the same way, the things that are dormant or inactive around you can be quickened by your actions. Which means; what you want to happen may not happen until you have put actions to see them happen. Achieving your desired results does not stop at just wishing for it or thinking positively. Your actions must be in accord with your thoughts for it to work.

When your actions meet your thoughts at the right time, results will be birthed. If successes were to answer to mere wishes, then everyone will be successful. To achieve success in your life, your dominant actions must be tilted towards success. It is the actions and the decisions you take today that will determine the kind of result you will see in the future.

You may not be able to erase an action that you had already performed in your yesterday. However, you should be cautious about today's actions because they are the actions that hold the key to the results of tomorrow. It is important to note that every action you take (be it negative or positive) are with obvious results. If you intend to be met by a positive result, then your actions must be positive.

You may have full a choice of the decisions you take (and of course the actions you take) but when the results start coming, you may not have a choice over them. A friend of mine once made this statement a few years back:

What you will not want to reap as a fruit, do not make it a seed.

What this simply means is; how you will not want your life to turn out and what you will not want the result of your life to be, you should avoid taking actions that will lead you there. Before you take action, you need to carry your brain along with you and ask yourself what the result will be. This will help you to know if the action will be worth it or of you will need a change.

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Your life is not dependent on the decisions other people take. You have a responsibility to take your own decision and welcome the results (or consequences) of the decision. No doubt, people may help you at some points but the major onus is laid on you to row your own boat.

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Hi @samminator

I love the quote from your friend. It is so true, we reap what we sow.

Your life is not dependent on the decisions other people take. You have a responsibility to take your own decision and welcome the results (or consequences) of the decision.

I think what you say in brackets here is equally as important to accept. if we do something wrong, we may be forgiven but we can't undo what has been done. As such, we may regret, we may seek and be granted forgiveness for our actions but there may well still be consequences for our actions. We need to decide the actions that we take seriously - we need to be responsible.

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Thanks for the nice comment buddy. We should be cautious of the actions we perform today so that it will not haunt our future

A beautiful writing! It is so easy to always blame others for what is happening to us, but in the end... it is all about our own decisions, and how we decide to react to what is happening to us. In the end, it is all our responsibility.

That's right. We are the ones responsible for what happens to us but it take maturity to be able to accept this responsibility.
Thanks for the comment buddy

I made a strong decision in my life some years back when I got a lot of negative comments about my relationship from my close family members, I made up my mind that whatever I do will be what I really want so at the end, I will not need to blame anyone for my decisions.

We should always stick to our decisions and take the responsibility for the result of our decisions. Thanks a lot Eni

Hello friend, an excellent reflection, I agree that our decisions are our responsibility, we must take charge of our life and not expect others to take charge, otherwise I think we would never reach maturity. An adult knows very well that he is the owner of his life and that now everything depends on him. Thank you for sharing.


We all are fully responsible for the issues of our lives and we should accept that fact. Thanks friend

Hello @samminator, very good your reflections regarding our responsibility in decision making. The easiest thing to do is to blame other people for what happens.

Let's think very carefully about our decisions and their consequences, and take them on board!


If we will be conscious of the results of our actions, we will know how to act and how not to act.
Thanks buddy

well said by your writing. Decisions is vital to lead the life....

That's right. Thanks buddy