The Psychology Of Communicating Rightly

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Anyone may have the ability to speak but that does not necessarily mean that they are communicating. Uttering of words may seem so easy but when it comes to communication, you will realize that it is an art that should be mastered. This is why it has been said that the grammar with which you speak is not as important as what you have to say.

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Many people may want to speak for very many reasons and most times this has altered the true meaning of communication. You do not say something because you are compelled to talk nor because you want to talk but because you have something meaningful to say. Even when saying something meaningful, the level of communication is determined by the way and manner you speak.

You will agree with me that the same words can be spoken repeatedly and each time with a different meaning because of the change in both tones and body languages. As much as words are important for communication, but effectiveness in communication is also determined by the tone of communication and other non-verbal communicators (like the body language).

Most times, your words are the last thing that people sense when you are communicating. Talk about your body language, tones, and facial expression first. This is why someone can tell you "I love you" but the body language will suggest otherwise and you will almost always go with the suggestion of the body language. For communication to be effective and complete, all the tools of communication must agree with the spoken words.

The truth is; you communicate more non-verbally than with the actual words. By instincts, we are always drawn to pick up the non-verbal languages more. The truth is; communication requires a "how to". There are some people that you may not be able to convince against their will with spoken words but with the right body language and facial expression, it will become easier.

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Coming to the tone of communication; this also plays a very important role in communication. Tone is like the force behind the spoken words. You will agree with me that you may be making a very valid point but all those points can be lost in a moment by employing a careless tone. For example; shouting at the top of your voice in order to win argument is not worth it. Meanwhile, what is the need of winning the little battle and losing a much bigger war?

There are sometimes that you may want to dismantle a monstrous situation and with your words, you can get into more trouble and end up becoming the monster. In effective communication, you have to learn what to say and what not to say, when to say something and when to remain silent. Even silent itself is a tool for communication - for the wise.

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Well I think you're doing a really good job. I'm sort of doing the same thing as you are so I read and visited all your work. Good Job.

Thanks for the kind words

Maintaining good communication with other people brings you excellent benefits, including having good affective relationships with family and friends, which will have a positive impact on our mental health.

I agree, when you communicate well with people, you will not lack friends around.
Thanks buddy

Greetings @samminator, communication is very important in all areas of our lives, both personally and at work because it depends on it much of our success, for example in the workplace if you are a seller of products that you are going to put in door to door must know how to talk to convince your buyer, personally if you must deal u problem with someone you must be careful of what you say and how you're going to say it.

Excellent post.

Yes, the act of communication is important in every aspect of our lives including business. Thanks a lot buddy

This is an very interesting piece . I do find myself speaking as well and not feel I have communicated exactly what I wanted to say.

Exactly, speaking words is very different from communicating. Thanks buddy

Hi, @samminator! How are you? an excellent theme well expressed. I also think the same about communication and its importance, you are absolutely right in terms of language moderation points, speech tones, physical body language, sign support, in general there is a language adapted for each age and each circumstance.
Well done,
it is a great contribution

I agree with you. At any point and at every circumstance, there will always be a right communication language to use. Thanks a lot buddy

Greetings friend. Undoubtedly in any area of our life communication is very important, having good communication skills facilitate personal relationships with family, friends and co-workers, and also in business, a seller who does not know how to communicate will hardly convince a potential customer to buy your product or service.

That's right. The way you communicate will obviously affect the way people relate with you. This is why we should maintain good communication skills at all times.
Thanks buddy

Hello friend, an interesting topic, I agree, not everyone knows how to communicate their thoughts and ideas, because they just want to be heard but do not want to listen, or simply do not know how to speak without offending, shouting or hurting someone. Communication is very important, we should all be able to communicate and talk calmly with anyone. Greetings and thank you for your publication.

Communication also covers the listening part. As much as we want to be heard, we should also hear others too.
Thanks for the comment dear friend

Hola @samminator!
Very important what you present to us, sometimes gestures, expressions say more than a thousand words. You have to think well what you say and how you say it, because words can not be collected and can cause a lot of damage or discomfort. Thanks for sharing, greetings!

That's right, gestures often say more than words. Thanks for the nice comment buddy