Blurt And Zapata Launch Tomorrow - What Can We Expect!

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According to people behind Blurt and Zapata, the idea to create a new chain began taking shape last year. Two people talked about steem/steemit and what it needed to become one of the top projects in the crypto world. But before they could do anything, Hive was launched.
That group of individuals was still not in sync with what Hive represented and therefore they went ahead with their original plan of creating a new blockchain by hardforking steem.

Logos Taken From Official Discord Servers

Initially, the people behind Blurt wanted to airdrop coins to every account on steem eligible for airdrop but after the famous HF23 on steem blockchain, they decided not airdrop coins to Steemit INC as they can take control of the chain in future.

But a group of individuals was against this idea and they wanted to go ahead with the original plan of not excluding any account from the airdrop and that's where Zapata was born. So the main difference between the two chains is that Blurt will be excluding Steemit INC. from the airdrop while Zapata will airdrop coins to every eligible account on steem.

Timing of The Launch

According to Blurt and Zapata's official discord servers, the proposed time of the launch is 6 am UTC. They are planning to launch both chains at the exact same time. But it is not easy to execute things as planned as some glitches may occur at the time of the launch.

I think that you can't really be sure of the exact time of the launch. It might even occur before the exact time. Also, don't expect that you will be able to access your wallets at the time of the launch, this might take more time. We know how long we had to wait to access Hive wallets.

Expected Price

Now, this is the most important part as most users will be looking to sell their coins as soon as possible. The reason behind this is that Blurt and Zapata were not able to create the hype that Hive did. One thing that could go well with these two chains is the listing on Binance as CZ promised to list all steem hardforks. If Binance lists Blurt and Zapata, others exchanges might do the same thing and that will be great for both chains.

So, if CZ keeps his word and list both Blurt and Zapata, I am expecting the price to be in the range of $0.1-0.15 once they get listed on Binance. Trust me, this is a good price and I will be happy if ot reaches $0.15.

Now, if CZ doesn't keep his word and refuses to list these coins, I think they will struggle to get to $0.05. Both steem and hive are trading around 20 cents right now with so many users who have powered up their stakes. I am not being conservative at all with Blurt and Zapata price predictions, this is what you should expect.

Oh, and FYI, what makes Blurt and Zapata different is that there will be no downvotes and no stable coins on both chains. Another exciting news is that EOS's voice is also going to be launched tomorrow.


This is not financial advice. These are my personal thoughts and opinions

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oooh 0.15 cents would make me $3000 richer or so I hope lol,

I would be happy if I get 500 bucks.
The price may go up if CZ keeps his word. Who knows!