RisingStar: Finally 10k fans, 300 cards - and a rare NFT giveaway

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Welcome fellow Rock Stars!

It wasn't easy, but I could resist re-investing my earned STARBITS early and save 100k for a 12-pack bundle. Here are the results:


I'm happy that fans and skill increased almost by the same value, so no (new) ego issues. The pack included a jet ski for a +400 fan boost and an epic guitar, significantly increasing my skill earned from guitar lessons :)

These packs finally made me cross 10k (permanent) fans and 300 cards!

Giveaway! [closed]

To celebrate this achievement, I'm giving away one rare NFT:


  • leave a comment that you want to participate in the draw
  • an upvote is appreciated but not mandatory
  • the winner will be randomly selected on Sun Aug. 29th

edit: the giveaway is closed now, the winner was drawn here.

What is Rising Star?

Rising Star is a music career game on the Hive blockchain. You can play for free with a Hive account and earn crypto and tradeable NTFs. You can find the game at https://www.risingstargame.com. The official account for announcements etc. is @risingstargame.


Join me on RisingStar

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Congratulation to the winner.

I want to participate for the give away @supriya.gupta

you're in, good luck!

Finger crossed.

Finger crossed.

Que buena onda, me alegro mucho por ty, y claro que quiero participar, desde ya muchas gracias

thanks, you're added

I want to participate!

you're in

I'm loving the community of Rising Star.
I want to participate.

you're in, gl

Let's go!

added, gl

I would like to participate.

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Congratulation on your 10K fans!! Please include me on the give away tyvm xD!

thanks! you're in

Hi! I want to participate for KATIE.
User: adcoinhive

you're in, gl

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thanks a lot for your support!

a fantastic card! please count me in, here @celescu

great, you're in

quiero participar @lyaf12

sure, you're in

Thank you for the contest, new player username: lacandela

awesome, you're in!

I want to participate. Thanks for the opportunity :)

welcome, added

Yay for ego balance in your draws!

yep, lucky draw - thanks! :)

Thanks for doing this. Count me in for the next draw @silver-edge

np, you're added

Well done , I'm in

thx, great to have you in

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Hi ! Just started the game , IGN @trenloco, count me in for the giveaway please

sure, added, gl

Super prize, congrats for your stats, please list me for the draw :D!

I want to participate :D

@menzo want to participate too.. Thanks you! Much appreciated!

Greetings friend, I want to participate in your raffle if it is not too late

I want to participate

@minus-pi! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @trentonlundy1.

Did you know you can spend $PIZZA on games in the $Pizza Store? (2/10)

Count me in the giveaway please

Thanks. Let´s find If we are lucky enough

I would love to participate. Great post

Count me in, please @hhayweaver. I am so very close to getting 100K Starbits also, soon I will be buying a 12 pack. I hope I have as good luck as you did.

i want to participate in the draw!!♥


Quiero participar

Like to be in for next give away. Thanks

Please include me in the giveaway :) @finris

Toss me in, thanks! @jhanz111

I am in!^^

Oh, I'm very sorry, I had the draw already closed when you replied here :(

No problem :)

I'm in, thanks :)

great, I've added you to the list