That is wonderful! I have always enjoyed your music and videos and to get some recognition must have been a great boost!

I liked Mora-ia and The Singing Grove equally, but if I had to choose, it would be Mora-ia because of the green. :))

Congratulations on your awards! That's really cool that you were scouted for them, it's always lovely when someone discovers music that they didn't previously know about.

I mean there is no official submit, it was scouted by the mod that handles the independent reviews but we did not know. I have been struggling with motivation so welcome be ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I certainly understand struggling with motivation! Every winter is a struggle for me, I'm finally feeling a bit more creative, and I hope you are also!

Congratualtions. I am so happy for you. The amount of time and effort you put into producing such professional art is incredible.
Best wishes to Hive's beautiful soul. Stay happy and healthy always.

I am inspired and releasing consistently but without organization and moments of discouragement, so this was a boost and also a waking call

Have you thought about trying to partner with a manager, or talk to those artists who already have albums?

I have my own small label "Yidneth", my artist name is Priscilla Hernandez. I did have some more presence around a decade ago. I moved to a small place and things got humbler. I have several albums already, some with official awards back in the day.

Awesome ♥️ Happiness is more important than fame.


Indeed, I'm no newcomer, there have been sweet moments and quiet moments, I've never lost track of my dream though, I really enjoy composing songs. And thanks for the pizza nom ! :)

My pleasure, it was very nice to meet you 🙌 I'd give another slice, but I'm out until it recharges 😂

Haha thank you, I appreciate the intention. I gotta behave with pizza. I have put on weight lately 😂

Congratulations on winning the awards! Mora-ia is definitely my favorite.

Thank you, :) Mora-ia is the oldest (though the video is new) and it always have that "nostalgia" of my early compositions for me :) but I have to say that my favourite is "The Lingering Light" I always feel my darker songs are less seen but I have a weak spot for the spectral music.

fantastic, well done!

Many thanks 🎉👏


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