Second run

in EXHAUST2 years ago

I just finished a 2.5km running that lasted about 0hh:15mm:0ss !


Hello every one!
Well I got out there early on Saturday for a quick little run around the wynnum mangrove area.
Straight off the bat my useless head phones fell off, it appears they are not good for running! Will have to try and find some different ones for running it seems, so I couldn't tell how far or how fast I was going. Im thinking of biting the bullet and buying an Android watch to really get into it.
Any way as I started the weather turned ugly, before I knew it, the skies were bucketing down so I had to turn back and hide just before it got really bad.
Any way got half way to 5km, better luck next time 😉
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I would recommend any garmin gps watch that fits your budget. !LOL !hivebits

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Chuck Norris once went on a bicycle ride
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Awesome thanks for the info I'll look into the Garmin ones then!