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slobberchops just finished a 1.36km run, that lasted for 10 minutes.
This run helped slobberchops burn 78.8 calories.

Description from Strava: First run in a long time, to check out the Strava Hive connection.

I was struggling to put one foot before the other. If there was another way as effective I would use it. To lose weight that is.

Dripping with sweat and not even 1 mile. Pitiful

About the Athlete: A Terrible Runner (but I need to lose flab)

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FOOTNOTE: This was supposed to be posted under the @chops.support account, not this one. I get too many auto-votes on this account for content like this. @run-vince-run I am quite sure @chops.support was the account I added?


Incredible work, Strava is great for tracking your training, did you log it as a segment?

Not used it before, I have seen the term 'segment' on Strava though,

No issue with you of course mate, just a recalibration of the rewards :)

I think I know what I did, used my main for hivesigner instead of chops. Still annoying tho!

I haven't even heard of Strava

LOL, the premier running app.

Juggling multiple accounts is a bother. One of the reasons I quit doing anything with goodguygreg and hivepope. And autovotes are a mixed bag. The support is nice, but where is the engagement?

The support is nice, but where is the engagement?

There's a surprising amount on this post!

Sound about like what I would get. I just can't do the running thing I don't think. It has been harder and harder to work out longer the older I get. I feel like it is a losing battle.

I don't like running, but can't deny.. it makes you sweat bad!

Just getting out for a run is an achievement even if it's short. I still have to motivate myself to run.

Strava2hive is neat, but the set-up could be simpler. I'm sure Vince will do what he can to improve it.

 2 months ago  

Hey @slobberchops really happy to have you using the service and sorry there was a mix up with the sign up proceedure. Yeah it looks like you used @chops.support on the initial signup and then @slobberchops with the HiveSigner authentication part. If you would like to correct this issue, please run the HiveSigner set up again with the @chops.support account using the following url and that should clear everything up:

Let me know if you have any questions though.

 2 months ago  

I am really sorry, but I also think there may have been an issue with your Strava authentication as well as it is not able to request a new token when it expires. I think you may need to reset up the access from the https://forms.gle/4WJa13Qq5UpJJaF68 URL. Let me know what you want to do and I will hopefully be able to sort it out

You hit the tarmac with zest and zeal, perhaps a good start taking it easy to get going.


78 calories!! Too much pain not enough gain

This should never have been posted on this account, I'm pretty damn annoyed about it. Should have been on my short content account, not here.

😂😂😂 you are now starting sound like a proper international man of mystery!!!!!

It’s a good start

Thanks, I need to re-calab this connecter. I didn't want it to post via this account.

That's great 👍

Well done dude! great effort! also just started again this year and it's a challenge! but keep putting one foot in front of the other and you'll get there! Look at me, I'm now doing a 5km uncomfortably after 8 months lol!

If there was another way as effective I would use it.

100% nothing is as effective as running!

I finished 5k just once, and managed to injure my calf on the home run. That's what you get for trying to sprint.

Man that is rough. Gotta go slow before you try to go full rocky! Need to get a Mickey to ride behind you in case this happens again! Baby steps. If you keep at it. I'm sure you can get there again and conquer it. Just listen to your body when it says stop! I find music helps me not focus on the run do much. The right tunes make all the difference! Keen to see your next run. I'm routing for you!

🤣😂🤣 Excellent! Good luck! 😄

Interesting little app, putting some competition on actifit?

It connect running to HIVE, love the idea but it was supposed to post on @chops.support, not here!

ah some bugs aka "features" could become something though going to keep an eye on it.

Didn't knew about we can have track or stats through Strava ~ Something new for me

It's Good to run, I do on quite like daily basis tho 1.36km in 10 minutes that's impressive!

Have a good day and healthy week ahead!

I do on quite like daily basis tho 1.36km in 10 minutes that's impressive!

I am under no illusions that I can run, it's a terrible time!

Good time will comes for sure ~ Keep it going Good thing's surely takes time! More respect for you tho.

Hey, just think, once you're in shape you'll be able to sail over those fences!!!

Testing a new frontend???

Have a !PIZZA break 😂

I'll keep to those walls and fences, things don't got wrong there. Yeah testing the Strava connector.

Best of luck, testing things is challenging but memorable...

I hate runing, my vote will always go to cycling!
Less pressure on joints and less chance to hurt yourself (as I also did it once trying to challenge my running skills), also cardio.

Every step counts, 78kcal = smaller banana :D

You're smashing your training at the moment and getting stronger every day.
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This was supposed to be posted under the @chops.support account, not this one. I get too many auto-votes on this account for content like this.

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Having this posted on this account can work in your favour. Say for every $10 reward you get this post, you need to run 1km in your next run. This way you know who your frenemies are.....lol