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steevc just finished a 5.49km run, that lasted for 35 minutes.
This run helped steevc burn 383.0 calories.

Description from Strava:
I really did not want to get up this morning. I was at the White Horse jam session last night and did not drink much, but had a restless night. It was a good session even though there were only six of us. I wanted some new songs to play, so just before I went out I asked ChatGPT for some suggestions. It came up with some good ones that I put on my tablet. My version of Neil Young's Heart of Gold went down well. Richard had his 'Frankenstein' acoustic with his home-made B-bender. That was impressive.

When I did get up I found it was not too cold out and the sky was really pretty. I thought about just doing the Fairfield loop, but when I got to West Drive I decided to do some intervals instead as I have neglected those lately.

I was not especially quick, but getting the heart working has to help my fitness. I saw a couple of other runners and other folk taking their walks. There was a guy by the village hall raking up the leaves. That is a big job.

In other village news it seems the far chip shop has new owners after the previous guy (called Dragon!) moved away. I tend to use the other one anyway. The new 'relief road' to the bypass should be open soon, so that could be another running route.

I have volunteered for parkrun again as they were short of people. I will have to do a longer run on Sunday to get my distance in this week. I have been logging some walks to work to contribute to the company charity effort, but I am not making Hive posts from those.

I have had my coffee now and the sky is all blue. Have a great day and run free!

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About the Athlete: Older guy trying to keep fit, but still hope to go quicker.


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ChatGPT bringing the motivation! good Steve!


I was quite impressed with what it suggested. I ought to play with it more.


I play with it quite often. It especially helps when I'm feeling uninspired and helps me get on track. Just now it took my ramble to an account manager and turned it into strategic content I can present to client. Of course I have to tweak it, but the just if it is there!

I've heard of people getting it to write articles for them. Obviously that's not so good on Hive. Others use it to write code. It's a clever tool, but needs to be used with care.

100 percent. I would never let it write complete things for me. But like I say, helps get me started and creates the structure then I can start adding magic. Articles it writes is very vanilla and nor very accurate. It will also overkill the descriptive stuff so it sound like you trying to hard. I'm pretty sure a few writers on hive use it. As their writing doesn't sound very natural.

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Uphill intervals?

Have a great day too :)

@tipu curate

Yep! It's a steady climb up that road, so it makes me work hard.


Hey @ervin-lemark, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

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We should all have names like Dragon!

He's from somewhere in Eastern Europe. I think it may be a fairly common name there. I assume his mum is known as Mother of Dragon. I obviously missed a trick when naming my kids.

I suspected it was Eastern European! I missed the same trick with mine. Ah well, makes for an easier ride at school :OD

The last think kids want is to stand out!

I don't know why, but I have never been much of a Neil Young fan. I know that he is supposed to be so talented and innovative, but his stuff just never really hit with me. I didn't want to get up and exercise this morning either, but I did anyway. I figured what better way to spend my Thanksgiving morning.

He's a great songwriter, but some may not like his voice. He's been pretty political and opinionated. I saw he just gave up on Twtr due to the actions of Musk. I need to dive more into his work.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Hope things are going well in the Colonies :)

About as well as can be expected. It's all a bit of a dumpster fire these days. I should make a point of digging into more of his stuff too.

I think I now know one valid reason while you run
So that’s because you always want to keep the heart working

Well I die if it doesn't work :)

The body is very lazy and likes comfort. I am glad to read you went against the body to exercise which is very beneficial.

Thank you for sharing

That was really a long run

Not really :)


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just keep consistent

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