Morning Run - Rat race

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I just finished a 10.021km running that lasted about 0hh:57mm:24ss !


Was looking nice and bright this morning, but was still a bit chilly when I started out. I decided to do my usual loop clockwise as I have done it much more in the opposite direction. This resulted in a couple of personal segment bests. There may be parts I had not run in that direction much if at all.

Heading towards the new Stotfold football ground I noticed a rat running along the other side of a fence and pretty much keeping up with me for a short while. There are lots of them about, including around our garden, but we have disposed of a few.

I made a little stop in Stotform to get a picture of the old milestone. I tend to tell people we are about 40 miles north of London and this confirms it.

The run was not too bad today. It felt hard at times, but I kept on running and the pace was generally not too bad. Coming down West Drive I could see a runner some way ahead and pushed a bit to catch them up. It was a guy who looked about my age and I managed to pass him just after we got onto the High Street. I also passed a couple of ladies who were chatting as they ran. The guy actually caught me up as I was slowing down near home, so maybe I inspired him to go quicker.

It turned out to be almost exactly 10km. I have done that much quicker, but generally when there are lots of runners to inspire me. I feel I have pretty much maintained my fitness over the last year. parkrun may start again fairly soon, but we shall have to see what changes they have to make. I think they have concerns about large crowds gathering. I get my second jab at the end of the month and then it is supposed to be a couple of weeks before you get maximum protection.

Run free and stay well.


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fantastic pace for a 10k. I try to break 6min km's on a 5k and can do it, I am not at the level where I can accomplish this on a 10k yet, but hope to be able to do so in the next year or so. It all takes time, right?

It took me some time to consistently get under 6min/km, but I expect to do it now. Each improvement feels tough. Knocking off 30s might not seem much, but the effort involved is vastly different. Have to build the strength and stamina as well as the mental aspect.

Stay strong!


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