Weekly Engagement-WK 26: Join Us For A Week Filled With Exciting Activities

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Hello there,

Its a brand new week with new opportunities to do better and make a change in our lives and the world ar large. We hope you had a wonderful weeked and you’re lookinh forward to a new week.

We wish you a week full of excitement as always and we want to use this opportunity to encourage all to participate in this week's activity.

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We at Hive Ghana thank you all for your hard work and commitment and we want to encourage all members to keep up the good work on the blockchain and also keep pushing to achieve their goals both on and off the blockchain. We believe that you are amazing and are meant for bigger things so now is not the time to give up. Moving on to our activity for the week;

Worst Habit

There are things we pick up growing up at various stages in our lives, some of them good, some of them bad and yet they tend to stick with us and have a direct impact on our lives. What is that nasty habit you may have picked up growing up and how did you end up with it.


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If you had the chance and opportunity, would you want to change it and do you think it had had any drastic impact whether negatively or positively on your life. ?

Favorite Age

They say age is just a number but we all know age is never really truly just a number, aging comes with experience and with experience comes wisdom and depending on how an individual may have lived their life, they may have or be very knowledgeable on certain thing.


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Almost every year there is something new we experience which literally means that we can attribute something wonderful or terrible to every age we may have had since our birth. So then, the question is, what is your favorite age and why? What happened that makes it so?

Caption This

We all have that time in our lives when we are either at our very peak or at our most vulnerable. Both of these high ends come with floods of emotions and they can reflect different aspects of us in different ways that may or may not have been available before.


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So, imagine that very emotional moment you had, if a photographer had been there to capture that exact moment, what would it have been like and what would we be seeing if it was to be shared with us? Caption it for us and tell us about it.

Same rules, let's make sure we follow the rules:

All posts should have a word count ranging from 400 to 500 words. Our curators will be looking over the content, so we would like everyone to try to meet this requirement.

This activity will remain active until Sunday, 26th of November. Thus, we strongly encourage all participants to submit their entries before the last day.

All Hive Ghana community members are invited to participate by writing on ONE, Two, or all THREE topics, each focusing on a topic that excites them and they would like to write about. If you are submitting THREE entries be sure to post on separate days, not the same day.

Also, let's all endeavor to visit others' posts and leave good comments

If you wish to participate in our weekly activity, please ensure that you subscribe to the Hive Ghana community.

In your post, could you include the tags #Hiveghana and #Ghana to enhance its visibility and increase the chances of receiving post-curation? Please note that votes are not guaranteed.

Also, ensure that all your entries are creatively crafted, Please use your own images or photos. If you decide to utilize images from copyright-free sources, make sure to provide appropriate credit.. We eagerly anticipate receiving your entries and reading about what you must share.

You may join us on discord let's learn together.


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We go again this week. Happy new week to everyone

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Wow. Thanks so much for this week prompt. It's very thoughtful and informative.

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