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There is the World Building community some mutual cross posting might bee good. @oblivioncubed is a Table top gamer/maker and may be interested. Also another to add mutual support wise might be the Tabletop Roleplaying Community.

With the advent of being able to pin post in communities, you could use your community as the central gathering place then have easy pinned links to more specialized communities.

One thing to not be overlooked in reach-out efforts is the simple fact that Hive Block Chain does have a lot of people interested in games and are willing to try new ones and give feedback, a great Beta Tester group so to speak.

I hope the community takes off, I have followed and will pop in every now and then.


Hey! Thanks for the mention! I noticed this announcement earlier and immediately joined hoping to foster some worldbuilding spirit in this new community. (Plus I also program so I'm interested in that side of things as well). Overall, I am really excited to see this new community take off and I think it's a great initiative by @enjar.

I do love world building as well so I am hoping to see more of it and other content.

I still may one day give a try at world building, I like to read and am learning to write and have enjoyed the world building post that you have done. I still need to learn how to do some plot lines though, but am still trying.

Sometimes to be decentralized people need a centralized water fountain to gather around and talk.

It's been a bit since I did a Worldbuilding post, but I'll make a note here to see if I can talk next about how to use plot lines to fuel worldbuilding, and how to use worldbuilding to flesh out plot lines. That might be a fun article to write. Thanks for the idea!

And one that I will enjoy reading and learning from.

That looks like quite a fun community. World building is something I have enjoyed the most so far in making my own game.

Thanks for the suggestions I’ll keep them in mind as things grow.

It has been quite fun following and reading their post. Even though I am not a game maker, builder, or designer, I do like games from board games to math games to computer games.