Update Report of Hive project in Ghana. (Final Stage)

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Project Update

I welcome everyone to today's edition of an update from the camp of the Hive empowerment project, which is now underway here in Ghana, in the town of Fawoade adudwama in the Ashanti area of Ghana. This Hive Promotional Project In Ghana began around two weeks ago and is nearing completion. Today, I'm bringing you an update report that will give you a sense of how far the work has progressed and when it is scheduled to be launched.

The good news is that the initiative has made tremendous development since its inception. For all of the attention and support that the project has received, we want to extend our thanks to all those on the hive blockchain whose direction and support has carried the effort this far. Getting to this level, which is, of course, the last step of the project, means a great deal to us. The many project personnel have done their fair share to ensure that the task assigned to them is completed flawlessly. Our regular monitoring and directives have also played an important part in bringing the task thus far.


Project final stage

The hive promotional effort, on the other hand, has progressed through the different phases described in previous postings. According to the plan, we are nearing the end of the project. This entails building the walls for the pipes. This stage necessitates the efforts of the mason who has been assigned the job. Following the building of the wall to house the pipes that allow the water to flow, the plumber installs all of the pipes into the wall.

It is important to note that all of the supplies required for the complete project have already been obtained in order to prevent price increases and other such issues. The building of the wall has already begun with the laying of the foundation upon which the walls will rest. Today we had the chance to accompany the workers on the field and see how far they had gotten in building the foundation. I'm relieved to see that the foundation has already been laid and that they're only waiting for it to dry before putting up the walls.







Surely, this is the project's last stage of construction, given the previous two have already been completed successfully.
When this is completed, inhabitants of the Fawoade town will begin to ask all community members to participate in using the drinkable water provided by the hive ecosystem.

What's next?

We (@collinz & @mcsamm) have already made preparations to guarantee that a date is set for the formal unveiling and transfer of the borehole to the Fawoade township leadership. At this point, we are happy of the history that hive has already established in Ghana with its empowerment effort. Many thanks to all hivers who have worked so hard to ensure the success of hive promotion all around the globe. We urge that everyone remain tuned in as we provide further project updates.


* Borehole Drilling Stage

* Flow of water

* Hive Plaque for borehole

* Pillars/Towers for Tank


Promo Project : Construction of borehole system
Location : Fawoade-Adudwama (Ghana, West Africa)
Sponsor : @valueplan
Project manager : @mcsamm & @collinz


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