Faith For Recovery.

Recovery is not possible without faith. You need faith to recover what you've lost or what the enemy has taken from you.


God is Spirit and He has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places. Faith is that which we have of God which helps us to transmit things from the spiritual to the physical.

We have all received the measure of faith. God is not a liar, so every child of God has been given a measure of faith. Your faith can be grown. If it's weak or little, it's your doing...your choice...but the good thing is, it can be developed. While you are growing your nails and hair, grow your faith. A lot of people face defeat in every area because they have stopped growing their faith yet they are growing other aspect of their lives. The only place and "the how" to grow faith is by the Word of God.

How Do You Engage Your Faith?

A. Seek Divine Guidance:

The Bible made us understand that David lost everything. He came back from war with his men and his family and possessions were gone with a lot of things lost and burnt. David found strength in God by looking up to God. With God, all hope is not lost. David enquired of the Lord regarding his losses. The first line of action is always to seek guidance from God. Stop acting based on emotions but look up to God. Stop doing what others are doing, follow divine instructions...and also do things for the right reasons.

Recovery attempt void of divine attempt is prone to further losses. There are so many mistakes that would have been avoided if you listened to God. God can never lead you into defeat. God has different instructions for everyone. The God that told Abraham to move helped Isaac to stay in the land of famine which helped him to reap a hundred fold.

B. Hold Onto The Word:

The Word of God was written for us. We don't need to be asking God for what He has already given to us or told us. Search the Word and hold onto the Word. Rely on the Word. If the Lord says it, He would do it.

C. Act On The Word:

The moment God spoke, David acted on the Word. It's time to step out. Recovery becomes a possibility when you act on the Word. Until you act, you won't see submission. Most of the things you are afraid of are dreading hearing from you. If you speak it, the situation would be dealt with.

D. Identify Your Agent of Recovery:

David set out with 600 men but 200 men dropped off due to exhaustion. When you are trusting God for recovery, identify your agents who would stir up your faith and not those who are agents of the devil that would drag you off the track. Get rid of the wrong network so you can enjoy total victory. May you enjoy the wisdom to identify them.

E. Help, Even In The Midst of Your Struggles:

Even in the midst of his losses or problems, David showed mercy on the Egyptian he met along the way. Sometimes your problem might be little or more than someone else, but kindness should not be taken out of context. The person he helped gave him the solution to the recovery he sought. Your solution might be in the hand of the person you have chosen not to help. When a ship is sinking, you let go to stay afloat. Sow a seed in the area you are trusting God for.

Thank you for your time.

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God has given us everything which is the name of God so that who so ever that call upon Him shall be saved
Only that our faith is not enough some don't even have faith and that is why they keep facing different challenges in life

Even at that God said in His words that it is not that we won't see any challenges but if we believe we shall be saved.

Happy Sunday boo

Lack of faith is hindering a lot prayers but we don't realise this, many people have gone to the extent of saying God doesn't exist because they lack faith.

Most people allow what they go through to cloud their judgement. They speak with pain rather than raise their faith.

I wonder how they think of life because God created the world and if there is still some that believe that the world is just there then such person has a lot to learn from the Bible

Because ordinarily anyone can't preach to such human to have knowledge of what he or she is missing

The casual way people take life sometimes baffles me. They feel the world just came to being on its own without knowing God spoke everything into existence.

Lolz, there are lots of people who do not believe in God existence not to talk of having faith in him. We can only pray for them and hope it's not late before they know what they are missing out on.

Only God can influence such hearts. No human can convince others but the Spirit of God. We can pray, do our part by speaking and let God handle the rest.

I pray that it will not be too late before they realize that they are behind what God wants

Without faith we can't please God. God want us to trust Him but some want God to trust them first. It's good to have faith in God and His abilities.

We have to show faith in God and His abilities and this would influence our actions. We can't claim to have faith and act outside of His Word.

You have said it all... God has given us everything and it would take our faith to unlock all He has promised to give to us.

Haha... Faith shuttles our imaginations to reality; our dreams to actualisation; our spiritual realm to our physical realm.

Even in the medical field, you get to make the patients trust the drugs will solve their problems before giving it to them and making them have faith and believe the drug will do that.

Recovery attempts without divine backings isn't guaranteed at all, you will definitely fall back to square one after some imaginations of success (Just like making progress in building a house under a weak foundation, it's meant to fall at the slightest heavy wind).

That's why it is pertinent to know God's Word, because we can't hold nor trust on what we don't know.

All the points you made are really amazing, I was very happy seeing the last point, very very happy.
It's not always good to be on the receiving ends all time, most times, we should also make effort to give as giving is also receiving
A beautiful piece

Everything hinges on faith. We should do what is expected of us and trust God to handle the rest. If we don't have faith, we have restricted the help of God that is readily available always.

Someone once all you can and let God do all you can't. In the step of faith, we have a key role to play because God wants us to trust Him.

I always look forward to your comments. They are always detailed and spot on. Thank you for always taking your time and thanks for your input as well. Always excited to have you here.

You're welcome... Thanks for always making a beautiful post.
I don't have much time to make posts now but I always am happy reading great ones and your pen indeed bleeds, hehehe

Exactly! Faith brings our imagination to reality. I love the instance you gave concerning how doctors try to convince patients to trust and have faith that the drugs will work before administering it.

Those of us in the medical field understand this concept as we deal with patients everyday. For something to work for you, you need to believe it will work. Nice👌

No wonder there's a saying,
"That God starts where human efforts elapses"

If we lack faith, we obviously have limited God from doing anything

Indeed, without faith then it is like you never believe in anything or anyone. Believe that it will happen and with your effort surely everything will go to how you want it to go.

They both go hand in hand; faith and effort. Do your part and God will do His. Like that.

Right, right, that's it!

Faith and our effort indeed works together, we can't achieve anything without faith.

Right? If you don't have faith then you never do effort, then what's gonna happen to you? Lets have faith and move.

Exactly.... Without faith, it's good to say you don't even believe you will succeed.
So there's no driving force to the success.
It's obviously a dead end

That's right, my dear friend. We have to make the effort. We can't wish for faith, we have to take steps to have faith.

And nothing will happen if we just wish but not doing anything at all..

You have said it all. Faith is very important if we want or need anything from God and you have shared really good ways of rekindling our faith in God and I'm surely going to keep these words in my heart.

Happy new week buddy and I pray your week be filled with goodness and love.

I agree with you dear, the importance of faith can't be quantified and this post will go along way in helping of realise our shortcomings regarding exercising our faith.

That's right buddy. I always love reading from this man because of his inspiring words and the way he shares his knowledge, it's really remarkable.

Thank you for agreeing and contributing to what I've said 🥰.

Awww... Your words mean a lot and I am honoured by them. Thank you so much, sweet.

You deserve even more 🤭. You are always welcome ❤️

I am humbled and honoured, brother. Thank you so much.

I'm so happy I've played a small part in that... That's the whole essence of life. There are many things we all know but we sometimes need a timely reminder to joggle us into the right path.

Thanks a lot dear.

That's right, a soft reminder every now and then is highly recommended.

You're always welcome big daddy 🥰

I totally agree. David was a typical example of someone who recovered what he lost by stirring his faith in Christ.

David's wives and properties were taken by the amalekites. Yet, he still enquired from God and showed mercy to a stranger who hadn't eaten for about 3 days and 3 nights. It was recorded that David recovered everything.

This just shows that prayers and kindness goes a long way in recovering the things that you've lost.

This was the topic that was taught on Sunday. It isn't a coincidence that this was the same topic you chose to share.

Thank you for this encouraging piece💯♥️

There is a lot of good in helping, the reward is truly huge when we do it genuinely.

David example was huge so as Abraham when he fed the strangers not knowing that they were angels. The favor he did for the angels paid off and we should emulate their lifestyle.

Thank you for this massive addition. The Bible points us to the importance of kindness in everything. The servant that was shown kindness that failed to show the kindness to another person that owed him was punished as a reminder for us that kindness is important in addition to our faith.

Wow. We are both in sync and I am glad you validated what was shared. God's Word is the same everywhere because it's Spirit filled and truth. We need kindness to match our faith. We can't say we have faith and act in ways that negate what God stands for. God is full of mercy and kindness.

Thank you so much for this.

Prayers and kindness will always be the bedrock of all virtues.

Even in our worst states, there's got someone we can help and believe me you, whenever you do that.
There's always something we can do

Faith is a powerful tool for every believer to connect with God easily. Faith starts from believing in the existence of God and it extends to a lot of things.

Exercising our faith is important for us if we want to receive anything from God and you have listed the ways of helping our faith to grow from time to time.

Yes. Faith starts with the person of God and extends deeper to other aspects of life. Faith is the bedrock to unlocking so many things.

Bedrock of unlocking so many things. This is accurate and deep. Without faith we can't even please God. To please God, we have to have faith in Him...His Word. God is His Word...His Word is the exposure to who God is.

I love what you said connect with God. Having faith in God isn't just about what we want but about acknowledging His person and doing His bidding.

Very nice post friend, we must always keep the faith at all times or in this case try to increase it as we go forward in life, always clinging to God at all times, faith without work as a friend told me yesterday casually no good, you in this post you used the example of David, I think we should also be like Job, that although we lose everything, he continued to trust God at all times, however bad everything can go we must not for anything in the world lose faith, very great post and excellent recommendations for all, hug and happy week ♥

We can build up our faith. We can have faith in God for everything and anything. The measure of faith can increase when we trust God for little things and He comes through. It can help us to trust Him even for bigger things. We don't have to forget the pattern by which God operates with us.

Exactly, you couldn't have described it better my friend, in the end we all have different processes, the little things always make the big difference, we all have different purposes, but the goal will remain the same, we always have to believe and trust God fully ♥

-Everytime I am doubtful on my own thoughts and decisions I always pray to God, I always admit that I am having difficulties in understanding anything that Gods plans for me, all I do is just pray and admit my mistakes, I just do things that will not harm anyone, and might be good for them. I have full trust and faith in God through Christ our lord! Thanks a lot for sharing this helpful and inspiring article..Sir @olawalium..Have a blessed day!🙏😇

I'm happy to read from you and your honesty even in the midst of the struggles. God will come good for you. Our faith should be unwaivering because life's situations would always want to knock off our faith. Faith in God pays the best dividend even when it looks harder to trust.

-Our faith is challenged the most at times of our struggles and this must be the time that we should be closer to God and strengthen our trust and faith. Have a blessed day!🙏😇

And guess what?
God always come through for us at those times

-Actually, God is always with us!😇Have a blessed day!🙏


I don't know how people go through life without God. God is and should be at the center of our lives. We need to seek divine guidance and only that way can we build up faith by knowing the right way to go.

It's shocking to me too and I don't know how they do it. Everything in life points to the existence of God. We have the Bible as a guide for a good reason too but still, many people doubt it.

Even persons claiming to be atheists most times accepts God at death bed because there's nothing we can do without God's guidance, even the ones you think you did on your own were obviously the grace of God

We can't go through life without God, he is author and finisher of our faith. Walking on the path he has laid down for us is mandatory if we want a beautiful life on earth and in heaven.

God should be everybody's strength and rock. Many people shy away from God for one reason or another. They forget that God is forgiving and anyone who seeks his spirit in faith would be blessed.

It's always beautiful when I come across your posts. It imbues a fresh feeling of faith and incites that oneness with God all over again. And without faith, it is impossible to please God. This has always been my watchword. I'm glad I got to share in this with you. Do have a blessed day.

This is right. I wanted to speak to you about this last night before I slept. Faith is a powerful tool in life.

It is indeed a powerful tool we all are under estimating and because of that, we are not experiencing the covenant attached to it.

That is true. We want things to happen at the snap of our fingers with no worries at all. But, we've forgotten our "Faith" needs to be tested, and for that- we fail woefully when the test arrives.

Our faith would always be tested. If it happens at the snap of our fingers, the purpose of faith has been defeated.

That's right. It means we've lost the string to make the sound that comes from our instrument beautiful.

We try to figure things out with our common sense but faith defies common sense which is what most people don't know.

Speak to me now...speak to me anytime... You know I love speaking with you. 🤗🤗🤗

Hehe... I know you do🤭🤭. Thank ya

Yay! 🤗
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Yeah!You get that for which you believe.

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