My Favorite Soul bound Epics

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Heya Splinter fella's
Another Soulbound epic is down in my collection. yep, I have maxed out my favourite three epics. I have been using these epics in my battles. Despite being not maxed they have been giving me good results. This is the reason today I am going to talk about my favourite Soulbound epics. Apart from Water and Earth, my 3rd most favourite Soulbound epic is IIDRI FYRE. But IIDRI FYRE is not maxed yet I still need 3 bcx.

I used Soulbound monitor to check how far I am and here are the results.




As you can see the progress I am so close to max all of the Soulbounds. Only legendaries are taking a bit long. Lately, I haven't been very lucky with legendries but I am hoping best in upcoming season rewards. Hope to max my favourite legendries where i need only 1BCX duh.


Noa The Just is my first most favourite soulbound epic. And I am glad I have maxed Noa the just. Look at its stats you will get to know why I am so obsessed with this epic.

Noa the Just.png

Noa The Just is a water epic. It has 4 amazingly amazing abilities, Rust, Dodge, Backfire, and Martyr. But what is the most amazing is its speed. If you are using it with other monsters with swiftness ability then it is untouchable. Of course, if your opponent is not coming up with Byzantine Kitty :p XD I have used it in plenty of battles and I can safely say I am really satisfied with the results. I am writing this post a little late and it would be hard to find battles with this amazing card so you have to trust my words :p XD

Card and stats





Iidri Fyre.png

IIDRI FYRE is my 2nd most favourite epic. It also has four abilities such as taunt, return fire, redemption, and phase. My IIDRI FYRE is level 5 atm i still need 3 more BCX to max mine. I hope at the end of this season i will be able to max mine because I desperately want Phase ability :p. Best ability against magic attack. At max level, its speed is 4 but if you use 1 or 2 monsters with swiftness then there is a high probability magic attack won't hit the target. Because most of the magic attacks are with slow speed.

Card and Stats





Thane Newsong.png

Hehe wow, NewSong is so ugly :P XD But it has amazing abilities so if we look at its abilities then we will just ignore how it looks like XD I have maxed song I can say that hehe :p It also has four abilities like others. I didn't say it's my 3rd most favourite because it could be above all. It has all my favourite abilities but the thing is I haven't used it yet and i don't know how it is gonna work. Because I just maxed it today and I didn't bother to use it at level 5.


Inspire, Strengthen, Swiftness and headwinds. Best abilities in one epic. Best for melee, for speed and best against ranged attack.





Evelyn Auvera.png

EVELYN AUVERA belongs to the Life Unit. Another great epic with fantabulous abilities. I have used it twice or thrice where i predicted my opponent might come up with a sneak attack. i wish It had Shield ability instead of Reflection shield but oh well. It has thorn ability along with immunity. So poison can't affect and is best for a sneak attack. It also has inspire ability so if you are planning on a melee attack it would be a great choice to use in the last position. Not only it will inspire melee attacks it will also help counter sneak attacks from your opponent.

Card and Stats




There are a total of 6 Soulbound epics. I didn't mention 2 epics one is Neutral and the other one belongs to the death element. Death epic is level 5 and neutral epic is level 4. I never used them, I will wait and when I have them in a Maxed form then I will use them and share my experience. that is all for now see you all around Tc


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