Hive cyclists; where are you from?

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The number of members of the Cycling Community has significantly increased in the past few months. We are now over 350 subscribers!
It is nice to see the diversity of the people. It's cool to see people from all over the world are riding bicycles. I've seen blogs of people from many different countries.
I thought it might be a cool idea to check where you all are from.
Maybe you will find discover some other cyclists from your country.

Tell me where you are from!

So, if you are a cyclist and want to be on this list; add your country in the comments below and I'll add you. It would be cool if we could color a large part of the world map!

actaylorUnited Kingdom (Scotland)Europe
friendlymooseThe NetherlandsEurope
michelmakeThe NetherlandsEurope
rigomoheCubaNorth America
marschallrayCubaNorth America
josivaBrazilSouth America
mrprofessorBrazilSouth America
fixieVenezuelaSouth America
cositavVenezuelaSouth America
run.vince.runNew ZealandOceania


I use to create this map.


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Hoi hoi,

From Türkiye 🇹🇷 / Netherlands 🇳🇱.

Hallo en welkom!

You're the 400th member of the cycling community 🎉

Do I put you on the list for Türkiye or Netherlands 😃

Hello guys, sounds great! I’m from Spain! 😁

Hello! And welcome! Are you a cyclist too?

Genial, un compañero hispano.. yo soy de Venezuela.. saludos

Iam Venezuela, happy happy... Great... My comunidad cycling

Congrats! 350 is not a milestone but is some way it is better than 333 (we all love rounded figures, arent we?..) oh, and count me as

  • St.Petersburg, Russia; the bike is by Author, Czech brand

Thanks! Well that makes the map a lot more blue :D
I've added you to the list.

I love blue, be it Napoli blue or navy; navy blue even better. !BEER

Hey @hive-177745, here is a little bit of BEER from @qwerrie for you. Enjoy it!

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Hi, I'm from Cuba 😄

Welcome! I've added you to the list.

Hello Cyclists!
I am tahastories1 from Pakistan(Asia) .

Welcome! I've added you to the list!
You're the second one from Pakistan.

Cool, let's see what continent wins
From Brazil

Participating is more important than winning 😉

By the you also want a nice member title as a frequent poster in the Cycling Community?

Good evening my friend, you can add me. I'm from Brazil, in this case, South America.

Wow this is beautiful, I am from Nigeria and would love the member title too.💖


Here you go!
Do you want a personal title added to your member title?
It's optional.

Cyclist should be fine.💖💖

I am from Nigeria 🇳🇬
Happy New week❤️

Hello fellas
It is ahmedhayat from Pakistan.

Hi, I am from Lille, France. Would love to be on the map and have the member title as I would be the first French member 😛

Hello and welcome!
I've done a couple of nice rides during my holidays in France in the past 👍.
I'll add you to the list!

Hi, you can add Serbia on the map :)
Also, if I may ask, add 'Mountain Biker' to my member title

Thanks, and all the best :)

Sure! I'll add you to the list and add the title as well!

Awesome idea! Another two-wheeler from the Netherlands 👋 I mostly ride road, but gravel and MTB too! It would be cool if we had a worldwide heat map with all of our rides on it! ❤️

Thanks! I actually got a bit inspired by your 'Dutchies' list you created recently.
I know there was a map where you could create a heatmap of your own rides. I could see all the rides I made abroad during holidays.
But seeing everyones rides would be cool too, but rather impossible I think.

I'll add you to the list.

Thanks! Yeah its probably quite the coding work to get something like that heatmap idea working 😅 Maybe strava can do it for a club? I can check later what they provide. Awesome that the dutch list was inspirational!

Sorry it took me a while to add my name on here...Please put me down for Australia, as well...Could you also add my wife for New Zealand. Another great post. !LUV

hive-177745, strava2hive sent you LUV. 🙂 (1/1) tools | trade | connect | daily

Made with LUV by crrdlx.

Cool! I'll put you on the list with your personal account then :)

I 'm from Lahore, Pakistan . I appreciate your idea @friendlymoose.

Thanks! I've added you to the map and table!

I am from Portugal, I have a CUBE e-bike , and use komoot app

Have you posted in this community before?
If not, welcome!
I've added you to the list and map!

Thanks, posted right now

Hello Cyclists!
I am sahi1 from Pakistan(Asia) .

Hello and welcome!

Hi, I am from Nigeria.

Welcome! I'll add you to the list too.

I am from Nigeria, Africa

Welcome! I'll add you to the list!

Hi cyclists!
I'm from Nigeria

Hello and welcome!

Hiya again @hive-177745, oh ye who hails from the pancake country - do please add me to your list! 💫 Would like to take a more active role in the Cycling Community. Am currently living in Scotland, UK. Splash a little more blue on your map! Have a Boardman bike and use Strava for maps, although am eager to test out Komoot once I've got my GPS sorted. (I'm hoping K is better at differentiating between gravel and tarmac, haha.)

Hello! A bit more blue. The map only allows me to add the United Kingdom, but that means even more blue 😃
I'm often creating my routes with Komoot and export them to my Garmin navigation. In the Komoot route editor you can specify your bicycle, so if you select a road bike, you'll get tarmac roads. And it notifies you when you select an underground that is not suitable for your bicycle.
I really like that site!

Geweldig! ☺️ Haha! Yeah - I absolutely want to give Komoot a go... I need to get myself a Garmin and then I'll be flying. And it's easy enough to then import activities from Komoot to Strava - so I can keep that account updated, and subsequently strava2hive?

Well, here I am. I am from Venezuela. And what a pleasure to share the love of bikes with so many people.

Welcome! I've added you to the list!

Hey, I'm from Nigeria.
And it's nice to see this community increased in number.

Hello I’m from Nigeria and I would love the member title😃

I've added you!

Thank you!

Hello guys, I am from Nigeria, West Africa

Hello and welcome!

Thanks you so much.

Hello, my membership hasn't been approved but once it is I am from the USA but I live in Vietnam

Hola. Gran idea, soy cubano

Hola encontré mi comunidad en hive soy apasionada de las bicicletas... Soy feliz en bicicleta doy de Venezuela

Amo las bicicletas soy de Venezuela

Cool! I'll add you to the list!


You're welcome.
Feel free to share your cycling posts with the community!

Yes yes

Can I appear in a post with my bicycle and tell how my bicycle arrived to me?

You can post anything as long as it's related to cycling and bicycles 😊
I do prefer personal stories.

Exactamente eso es lo que quiero... Historias personales... Super.... Gracias

I am from Pakistan, please add me in ;)
And I just can claim Title while using PeakD?

Done! The title only shows up in PeakD I think.

So, I only can see my title or others while using PeakD?

I can add the Member tag to you and (for as far as I know it only shows up in the PeakD.
It doesn't give you extra powers or features. It's 'just' a label.

As you can see in the post my friendlymoose account has the role admin and my chosen description Road Cyclist.

If you want I can add the member role with a personal description.

Will be thankful, and as per I read the rules I can post anything about cycling even if Don't do a ride (can use photos with source) right nah?

You don't have to own your own bicycle to make a blog about cycling.
I do want to mention that 'cycling is good for your health' has already been covered several times recently, so please no more blogs about that.

I'll do some different things, 😉

Wow, this is interesting. I'll be submitting my first post soon, i just need to proofread again. I am from Nigeria and I would like to be a member. Cyclist would be fine beside it.

I am super excited. Hehe.

I've added you to the list!

Thank you 😊

Hi guys. I am from Turkey.

Cool! A new country to colour blue on the map! Welcome!

Thank you very much. I'm very glad that you've established such a wonderful community. I will follow it with great interest. 🌸

Hi 🙂
I'm Nigerian, would be an honour to be added.

Hello here, I'm from Nigeria.
It's good to be here, thanks.

Hello and welcome!