My Bike - Planet-X EC-130E Aero

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This is my bike. Planet-X EC-130E Aero


I got this bike late 2018. After looking at what I wanted and figured this would be the the one. IT was Aerobike of the year at Weekling cycly in 2017 if i remember correctly.
Full carbon frame and fork. Fittet with 11 Gear Shimano Ultegra Geargroup, Shimano Ultegra BR-R8000 Brakes, 50/34 Crankset and Vision Team 35 Rims. Weighing in at 8.9 Kg.

Only thing that I would change if i could would be getting Disk brakes, as I do ride in rain and such so that would be a nice addon. It will absolutely be a thing when this bike gets replaced, but that aint happening anytime soon though as i literally love riding it.


It has served me very well and just rounded 12.000 km on it which is though less than expected due to an injury break for a year.
I have ridden the bike twice for 300+ km rides - Back in 2019 Vätternrundan in Sweden and the following year I did my own version of it as it was cancelled due to Covid-19


I have with a friend also taken it to Schwarzwald in Germany for a few rides as well as a week of Riding in Mallorca.

Images in the beautiful Schwarzwald, Germany

I got all my rides registered with Wahoo Bolt Cycling Computer and logged on Strava so i get all the data. When not struggling with injuries I try to get outside and ride at least 3 times a week locally here in Denmark. And during the winter I ride it on my hometrainer setup.
Wahoo Kickr Core, Wahoo Headwind Fan, and a Rocker Plate to healp out with the back issues.


Thats about it for now - Thanks to @friendlymoose for the #Cycling community and hope more will share #mybike stories and images. Always love looking at hardware :)

Take care and Ride on all.



Thats a nice bike and yes, you have done some amazing rides on it as well...I am struggling to even imagine doing a 300km ride. Nice work !LUV

Awesome rig! And amazing distances too; 300k is tough even on a road bicycle.

Thanks man, yeak 300 km is a challenge but really rewarding. Got upcoming 220 km in june if the body holds to it.

What kind of injury you had? (if you don't mind me asking).

I started a Ride around Iceland and on day 3 after 600Km i got achilles tendon injury. And after that got better my lower back got messed up and after 8 months with a chiropractor it is somewhat ok now. I just need to get in better shape and lose more weight then it should get easier.

Gotcha! I'm glad you are getting better. Have you ever seen a bike fitter? That's life-changing.

I havent been at a bikefitter yet. But it is true, many have recommended it. I should get that done soon. Thanks for the tip.

Did you check your saddle height?
You can do the Gred Lemond measuring method to check how high it should be.

That's a cool bike! A very light one too!
Great photos too!
I can really recommend disk brakes. I have them on my current bike and they are perfect in bad weather and feel very safe when descending at high speeds.

Thanks for sharing!

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300K!!! It sounds a little bit exhausting 😰

It's fantastic, I would love for my legs and lungs to allow me to achieve those distances.😂

Congratulations @ingi1976, beautiful bike. Enjoy it!