DCC is proof of curation !

in DCooperation5 months ago


I'll pin this post. It will be forever pinned in DCooperation community

Firstly, @dcooperation was created to support collaborations on the blockchain. So, any type of collaborations are accepted in it.

I defined three types of collaborations for now :

Author collaborations means, when the content is created by more than one author !

That what could be posted in #dcc !

#dcc is not a general topic tag !

I know we have so many tokens on hive-engine accepting general content. But just like leo is only about investing, #dcc is only about collaborations !

Please don't make me explain this again and again to everyone writing in #dcc.

Isn't that hard just to promote someone ? Just to prove that you really curated a content ?

Let respect each other and help new projects improve in the blockchain !


All noted with thanks.