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The Collaborative Curation idea was born 18 days ago when I just started rebuilding the community @dcooperation.

Some of our members participated in it and after that stopped doing that at all. Maybe the idea is not that clear, and I couldn't explain it in the proper way. Thanks to @known.prince who participated in it recently and asked me how to do that correctly. @starstrings01 asked me to explain it as well.


Here is the discussion to understand how this all works :

so I choose to promote another person's post in the comment of my post instead of on my post itself?

No, you promote that in your post. For example, talking about ''money''. You add the link to the post you liked about ''money''. Or a quote ( part from the post ) and mention the author in the post. You may as well quote a comment you liked and mention the author.
That's all done in your post.
The same as I did in the post I gave as an example.
For example :

... it's a systematic definition of repetitive courses of actions that can explain the evolutionary growth and development of humans in general.
As @josediccus said, I agree with him because .....
I promoted @josediccus in my post
quoted his content
and even added the link to his post, so people will find his content
the link should be clickable text [ title ] ( link ) so it will not look spammy

wait first..... we can make an entire post for promoting authors like a curated collection post. and at the same time, if we finish writing a certain post, we can choose to share a post of another author for others to check out with a small discussion or what we like about the post?...

Before many authors were sharing sometimes the content of others and promoting other authors sometimes. They were doing that for free. Now they will do that for rewards.
Yeah, something like that. It's ok even to only mention the author and to share the link of his/her post in a form of clickable link. But, it's better to quote a little part from the post we liked. That looks more interesting and may push others to read the full text of the author.
Yeah, usually I do this. Let's suppose I talk about ''psychology'', I check the tag ''psychology''. Choose from there a content to consume and promote the post, the author and even a part from the text I liked the most.
That will give as well value to tags !

oh.. yeah... I get.
it is just like an encouragement to read other people's content and get ideas of making your own post. More also, promoting contents of other authors.


At the same time, may even let curators find the contents of other authors...

At the same time, may even let curators find the contents of other authors...

This would be great if it is done in a contest or weekly topic posts just like the pob wotw...
Like the way you described it in the post you shared

It's hard maybe to explain for me, that's why many people maybe didn't get this, but as a community we will be able to explain this to more people and that will bring a lot of value.
@starstrings01 wow, you gave me a great idea.

I must say, I am just fully understanding it.

I'll do that weekly
let's call that the tag of the week.

I even got an idea of doing something after I understood it.

hmm. what's your idea on tag of the week

The same thing. I'll create as a contest where people should find good content related to the tag and promote it and authors.

That's a nice idea...
Then you curate the posts of those entries to the contest.

For sure. And more curators may join the party. ☺

It would be great if you have a bot that automatically uploads post of authors that uses the tag dcc here in #dcc
Or posts that uses your #tow contest tag
then, manual curation would be easy right from this discord server.

Yeah, I'm planing that, but all the content can be just shared in suggested-posts
And I'm checking this page every day : https://hive.blog/created/dcc


I hope the idea now is more clear, and you understand the value of #dcc .

Ant to make is easier for people. I would like to run #tow tag. Thanks to @starstrings01 and send him 10 DCC to reward for such collaboration. That's how we all may collaborate with each other and reward those who share the content of others and promote them. Before people were doing that for free, now everyone will get rewarded for that. Besides that, we reward such work with upvotes. Isn't that great ?

Since, this all related to curation. Let the tag of this week be #curation.

I think we will have a nice discussion, and it's a good topic to talk about.

To participate in this :

  • Write a post related to curation and find other posts to share them in your posts about the topic.
  • As well mention the authors and follow the rules here Collaborative Curation
  • Add the tag #dcc and #tow and that's done.


We may have more curators who will join the party and curate the best posts about the topic and check the shared content as well.

The winners will earn new followers, more curators will be aware about them.

I'll also ask our members and all those who participated to choose the best entries they liked, and I will distribute the following rewards :

  • 1 place 10 DCC.
  • 2 place 5 DCC.
  • 3 place 2.5 DCC.

DCC price is now 1 hive, but who knows maybe in the future will grow. We're planing to collaborate with many communities and tribes. Maybe we will come up with interesting deals for investors. The delegation program is on for example.


The collective curation is only one form of collaboration.

There are so many collaborations that could be created !

You may check as well the initiative of @calumam what's called ''The word of the week.'' It's mostly to write about a particular topic with special criterias in PoB tribe only.

''The tag of the week'' is mostly to share or to promote the content related to the topic. The goal is to support tags on hive blockchain. Mostly existing tags. So, just check #curation tag and you may start right away participating in this.

All you need is to find a post about the topic and quote some phrases you liked in it and share the clickable link of the post and mention the author. Of course you should exaplain why you liked the content and what's your point of view of what was written.

By the way, you may talk about the new curation system we have after the hardfork. ☺


Early this week, I did a collaboration with @lennytheblogger, I don't know if the community noticed the tag because I used it on the post instead

It was the first time I learned to use 3speak so I was missing a lot of things. Trying to edit and add tags and lots of forgotten things proved difficult.

I had to learn from that one, and promise to do better on the next one

Oh, I think I need to do a collaboration illustrating how using @starstrings post on "how to work create videos on 3speak" helped me with my first video upload

It will be a perfect opportunity to explain the simplicity of his post and the various mistakes I made

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That will be great. Can you send me here the link of that collaboration ?

Hey, @clixmoney, a few days ago when we were talking about how the initiative had not been well received, I suggested that you explain it in a different way because perhaps many did not understand what it was about. I see that other users also did the same and you followed that path. Now it is clearer what you want to achieve with this initiative. I am sure that as far as I have more participation, many curators and whales will thank you because in some way you make it easier for them to find quality content.

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Yeah, I explained this in many ways to make it clear for everyone.

This is getting even more interesting!

Yeah ! And easier I think to understand. ☺

But if you're taking a quote from someone's post and promoting it, does it means that post in general will be about promoting that person's post?

Yeah, of course. The rules are mentioned here : Collaborative curation with DCooperation !. It's in the beginning of this post. ( the contest post )

Okay, thank you

Adding the link of the post the content was taken from will help curators to find the whole text to read and support. As well it's as a source, so no one will consider that plagiarism or something. A part of the content quoted, the author mentioned and the clickcable link to the post the content was take from added to the post of promoters.

It could really change the curation game. More good content will be found. More authors supported and new relations built.

But if you're taking a quote from someone's post and promoting it, does it means that post in general will be about promoting that person's post?

I read this maybe 5 times to understand @josediccus. lol

The post shouldn't be only about the promoted content, but about the same topic you write about.

It's ok as well to talk only about the post and to promote it. I think boths ways are good to go !

An interesting new initiative is out. This is awesome. The #tow would be great and definitely would encourage other authors in becoming visible to curators. Thanks so much for the DCC TOKEN, I so much appreciate.

You're welcome. I feel that we need to work harder to promote all this.

so happy for that