Should you always tell the truth?

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I have this particular phrase on my wall that I wake up to every morning and it states

"Never say anything that isn't true, have nothing to do with lies and misleading words"

It's the scripture, I don't know if I follow it, all I know is that I am usually reminded anytime I want to tell lies.

What do I think about the truth?

Most times if we live truthfully, it hurts other people. There are certain things that people should not know. It's better to keep them clueless instead of informing them. This is because I grow up to hear these words, "the things you don't know can't hurt you".

King Solomon also said in the scripture "for in much wisdom is much grieved, and he that increases knowledge, increases sorrows"*

This means some things are better left unsaid, and we shouldn't be sincere about everything.

So I feel we shouldn't tell the truth at times especially if it protects the interest of the other party.

How can you define truth?

I would define truth as something true. of course, that's how truth is defined, and if we define it otherwise, then, it's not the ......I am messing with your mind right now 😂

With utmost certainty, all amount of sincerity, judging from all facts, with acceptance from all angles...Truth.

What are the most truthful sources of information for you?

The most truthful source for me is from the horse's mouth. Well, I know the horse's mouth could decide to withhold the truth with clear reasons as I stated above. This doesn't mean I will stop seeking out truth from the real source.

Should you always tell the truth?

It's better if the true owner of the story lied about it than to be fed with lies from other sources. Since that person will withhold the truth with good intentions (or maybe bad intention), as long as they are seeking to protect something.

I still don't know how to source news as I speak. I find it difficult to. I have to learn to do this.

So it boils down to me finding truth from truth tables(where truths are supposed to be found..... the owners)

Why should we spread the truth and protect it?

There are lots of reasons we should protect and spread the Truth. One of them is so that the rest of the folks won't be misled.

Yes, mislead, remember how I started this post? The scripture had said we should have nothing to do with misleading words.

So I figured, the most important reason we shouldn't be caught spreading lies should be to avoid misleading others.

Another reason we should protect and spread the truth is to save lives. There are sensitive information that should not be withheld if it will take the lives of innocent ones.

I went through hive looking for posts around the tag, #truth and I found a rather interesting post from an interesting fellow that recently joined hive and has been feeding us with amazing thoughts.

The user's post wasn't centered on truth. She was talking about what makes you feel better What caught my attention was the part I will be quoting below.

What if it's drugs or alcohol? please don't ask me......I can't tell you what to do with your health.....I want you to know that health is wealth, and you must protect your health as you would your wealth.

She was telling us those things that keep her sane and makes her feel better. And she advised that we should always resort to those things that keep us sane too, whether they are material or immaterial.

And then she must have remembered a lot of people use drugs and alcohol to stay sane and feel better, and she mentioned it.

Pay attention. We all know our health is wealth right? This fellow knows that this is true but did you see the way she avoided being blunt about the truth?

I am guessing it's to protect the interest of everyone who loves drinking or taking drugs.

What she did wasn't to ask them to stop using these things. She found a way around this simple truth, that way a reader will have to take the better decisions from his heart not because he was asked or forced to.

Ha....yes, yesterday, one of my favorites content creators @alekst7 had written a post about alcohol and how it affects us no matter how much we try to paint it black and white.

And measuring this feat with what @iskafan did with the last part of her post, I will be bringing my thoughts about telling the truth to a standpoint.

We do not necessarily have to tell the truth about a thing at all times. Some people will be greatly hurt by the truth or may try to hurt us.

So it's better if you guard your tongue, and watch carefully what you disclose as this can be used against you.


Context is very important

Also objective truth is different than simply a truth, or the truth, or their truth which is a lesser and more speculative truth than an objective truth.

Objective truths are usually the best imo, they are worded to be answers to a question.

What's objective truth sir, can you break it down for me? Thank you

The weather forecast is a good example. temperature is an objective truth, when the weather lady says the humidity and temperature outside, direction of the wind. This is all objectively true to the question, "what is the weather".

However when the we she tells you the forecast, that is more of a speculative truth that is subject to her knowledge and study done on the weather patterns, the forecast may be true, but its not speaking to an objective that is clearly defined by a question.

I am actually just learning about this myself, there is 2 kinds of news. Journalists and Pundits. Journalists talk about facts, pundits share their opinion.

Fact can be used to answer questions directly.

Opinion can only be used to speculate.

Thanks for responding, sir

So objective truth is related to fact, and this is the best in your opinion?

go look up the Marriam-Webster definition for fucks sake...

my opinion is that you should educate yourself as much as you can on your own without asking for help.

You are right, context is of utmost importance and I agree that objective truth is better than speculative truth.

I hope that after you're done learning about this as you told iskafan, you will create posts around them so we too can be educated as well

Thank you for stopping by

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I am leaving hive for a while due to having all my posts downvoted for a satirical remark about someone who tagged me in their post. I am being targeted for expressing my views on this platform by @azircon to the point all of my posts have been zero. I inquired and was spoken to like a child, so i will be departing.

It depends, however biblically we all known that telling the truth is godly, however, sometimes the effect can be hurting. I might actually reply better in a post. Stay tuned.

I might actually reply better in a post. Stay tuned.

I ain't going anywhere..... I will be right here waiting.... Just give me a mention so I'll be notified... Thank you

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hey, @edystringz, it's nice to speak with you again today. Thank you so much for the mention and for promoting my post.

I would say that all of us are grown up, and no one likes being told what to do. I thought I should pass a good message to my audience in a rather subtle manner, that way, they will not feel they are forced.

One has to see the need to do a particular thing before he embarked on it. It's every man for himself remember? So, if it favors someone to do anything, they will do it

By telling the truth, we can always protect the interest of other people by using the back door, only if, it will favor them. Whatever happens, as long as everyone goes home happy.

hey, @edystringz, it's nice to speak with you again today. Thank you so much for the mention and for promoting my post.

You deserve it, thanks for prompting this writing.

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Interesting thoughts, so many different things...and sometimes contradictory...

To keep silent and hide the truth from a person because it might hurt them? Or because you will be treated unfriendly?
But if you don't tell him the truth now, his pain will be worse tomorrow. So will your regret that you kept silent or lied.
But the truth, the 100% truth, will set him free. Freedom is always achieved through pain. Remember Jesus. He was not silent, but always spoke the truth, which hurt many, and created hostility toward Him. But He knew that no half-truth or half-lie would ever save anyone.

That's why there are so many problems in our society, so we try to be silent when we see someone else's problems, being tolerant and respecting their freedom of choice. And we don't call things by their proper names.
Like, for example, those same alcoholics and drug addicts. Where does the whole process of recovery from addiction begin? With admitting 100% of the truth - "I am an alcoholic" or "I am an addict. And with a public confession, so that neither you nor others have any way of hiding the truth.

Clearly, there are different moments in life; this is just one aspect of the great and multifaceted subject of truth.

Thank you for your reflections, I love how you capture subtle matters from various sources and turn them into such interesting and profound topics, and I'm glad that you(and @iskafan) and I are bees of the same hive))

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But the truth, the 100% truth, will set him free.

That's right, I forgot this part of the scripture, now, this is why they say two heads are better than one, thanks for bringing it up

I agree the truth sets us free, and in your opinion, it's better we learn the truth today, and get hurt today, thereby, healing tomorrow, than to hear it tomorrow (probably after being lied to)

And with a public confession, so that neither you nor others have any way of hiding the truth.

"Confess that Jesus is Lord".... You just brought me back to the scriptures again.... With confession, we will be accountable for all our future actions. So anyone who is an addict will be saved from his addiction if he takes the first step ..... Confession.

Thank you for your reflections, I love how you capture subtle matters from various sources and turn them into such interesting and profound topics,

Thank you very much, sir. But I'll thanks @iskafan more, she inspired it

I'm glad that you(and @iskafan) and I are bees of the same hive))

Sincerely, I feel the same way.... Thank you 😊

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People lie out of fear or to look better. Bragging is lying too. Some people believe their own lies. For me the truth counts, it's possible to see if someone lies and I dig for answers and do not believe every gossip, click bait headline and made up news. The world would be a better place if we would not lie at one piece.