$KOG Staking is Live + Ramblings!

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Authored by @Sinistry

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Greetings and Salutations Glorious Ones!

I have news!

$KOG Staking is now live!

Big shout out to @balaz for all his hard work! Here's to more to come!

For those of you interested in such things here are the numbers he sent for returns.

The Calculator Site

KOG interest calculated.png

KOG interest rate.png

Now that we have the math out of the way, on to the fun stuff!

I don't know if anyone else is using the tip function yet, but I've been having lot of fun with it. Particularly when dropping $KOG on guildmates, because they know it's coming. It makes me laugh harder knowing that you're waiting on it. 🤣

Having said that, I have encountered a dilemma, in that a LOT of Splinterlands players don't seem to have enough of a presence on HIVE to fling $KOG at them after a battle. Phantom bastards!

I'd be interested in hearing thoughts and opinions on work-arounds for this, if anyone has any ideas.
I haven't forgotten that we can set up something similar on discord, but we don't have the budget for that yet, not to mention there are other priorities to manage first. In case anyone is still unaware our budget is rock bottom. That's partially by design, as I want this to be an example of how to work and play here without a significant budget, but it does obviously hinder progress, which I'd like to take a moment to address.

You may have noticed when using the !KOG function the tip comes from @kogtips (lol, I love it!🤣), rather than the main account. I've set kogtips to receive upvote payouts as 100% Hive Power. At the moment, the KoG main account is delegating RC to kogtips so it can function, but it isn't enough.

Bala recommended we start with 500 HP worth of RC, but as it stands, it's getting about half of that, maybe less, so upvoting kogtips will help get it's HP high enough to, eventually, support itself. For now, though, if anyone has extra RC they aren't doing anything with, I beseech you to consider delegating to kogtips.

I imagine we can eventually get some kind of reward system in place for those who do, but, for now that doesn't exist, and will be some time away, so consider delegations to be coins in the karma bank, or pennies into the wishing well, or some other clever analogy my ashen brain can't lasso at present. I'll get around to finding out how much we'd have to raise to fund those upgrades later, probably sometime next week.

Moving on to sales, we still have over 18k left on the market from the initial sale, which should raise enough for some of the updates I have in mind, but leave us shy of anything significant enough to host tournaments.

I hadn't planned on hosting tournaments for a few months, anyway, so this isn't an issue, just a notification that it isn't forgotten. At present, I'm just focused on getting everything in order and self-sustaining. On that note...

I'd eventually like to set monthly rewards to go out automatically, obviously, but for now, since I'm doing it manually, I tend to over look payments, particularly here in the early stages when there's not a lot of demand for them to be timely, anyway, so if anyone notices it's been 2 months since the last one hit me up so I can correct it! Since staking is live, now, it will behoove everyone to have them coming in as regularly as possible, so I'll try to be more timely with payouts going forward.

Having said that, I'd also like to remind guild leaders of the importance of creating a special HIVE account for this. When the time comes to script a bot to handle payouts, we'll need need some kind of order, and a guild account with official members will streamline that process for all of us. No hurry on it, but I've already encountered small issues keeping up with where to send payouts, so it's something to keep in mind.

I think that's just about everything for now. I'll post news next time I have it.

Extra huge shoutout to @xsuilx for the new extraordinarily badass logo and banner!


 15 hours ago  


Man, I've been renting out my BK and no speed build is amazing without it. I've fallen. Maybe I should write a new Gospel on Wings, lol.

 9 hours ago  

Wings are ok, but Speed and Wings are much better ;)

 9 hours ago  

Lol, baby steps, bro. I gotta learn to walk without a kitty, before I can fly. I think Jesus said that.

View or trade KOG tokens.

Hey there, Champ. You took a pretty hard pounding from our member, back there, on the battlefield. Present this token in any Kingdom of Glory guild glory hole to redeem your complimentary aftercare.

@gregory-f, you successfully shared 0.10000000 KOG with @sinistry and you earned 0.10000000 KOG as tips. (1/3 calls)

Use !KOG command to share KOG! More details available in this post.

 2 months ago  

Lol, I knew it was coming!

Excellent news, you have a particular way of reporting hehe, it's great. I like what you are doing, good job.

@tipu curate 6

 2 months ago  

Thanks man! I have fun doing it.

Banner and logo are dope! KOG staking is to commence today! HYPE HYPE HYPE

 2 months ago (edited) 

@xsuilx did awesome on the new artwork!

Staking payouts should already be showing. I got a lump this morning. I meant to add that to the post above, but I guess I over looked it. Everyone should know by now, though.

Are any of you guys using this? I'm surprised how satisfying I find it to get up in the morning, check the wins archmage picked up for me over night, and just start dropping $KOG all over people. It just makes me laugh. 😁

I'm really on the hunt for @aussieninja. Sneaky bastard is out there somewhere.😁

Did I ever tell you about that time he called me a mini nemesis on the world stage? Ain't nothing mini about the sacka $KOG I'm nun'chukin' your way!

I'm literally just 50 points below you. I need to fix that ASAP.... I'd hate for a nemesis of any measure to be actually rockin' above me...

 2 months ago  

Agreed. A good nemesis teeters to keep one on his toes. I'll save you a spot. 😁

 2 months ago  

Btw, which guild are you rollin' with these days? Coalition members get in on monthly drops. 😁

I've I joined your Coalition, would that be like when He-Man and Skeletor had to work together that one time?

I'm rocking with Immortal Gods 2... we've been pretty consistently winning our brawls which has been fun.

 2 months ago (edited) 

Maybe, but if it was done once, it can be done again. I suspect Skeletor and He-man are more alike than they know. I'm pretty sure Confucius said that.

Also, IG lackey guilds get a bonus for coming over but they have to take on a real name without a number behind it. You know, for self respect and stuff. 😁

Here's a link to the launch if you missed it.

Shackles of obscurity eeeeyyyyyyy! Thems nemesising words!

 2 months ago  

Lol, if IG2 does come over we can both appear on 101 for a commemoration episode or something dumb and fun. We'll upgrade to rivals and compete while fighting for the same cause, which of course is total domination of the top 20 on the leader board. It's hands down the coolest Splinterlands cult. Name you another that drops $KOG for it's members to fling on their fallen opponents. Name you just one!

Um, OG doesn't drop $KOG like some kind of teabagging fortnite kid... OG drops the bodies of our enemies and never thinks of them again. We're jerks like that.

One of these days I'll figure out the best way to !KOG people after their destruction. For now I'm just going to accumulate a few more KOG and then get to staking!

Your KOG token balance is not sufficient to send tips. Please stake a minimum of 10 KOG tokens to send tips.

I threw some RC at @kogtips.

 2 months ago  

Thanks man! I'm gonna try to pick up some more off the market this weekend, so I can make use of those proceeds, too. There's also a little left in HBD savings I can move over if I have to. I'd rather not get into a habit of eroding that principle out of the gate, though. I'm on the verge of rambling so I'm gonna end this before it gets out of control. 😁

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Thanks for KOGs, I saw some in my wallet... If I want buy more, where I can do it ? Tribaldex ?

 2 months ago  

H-E foe sure. Tribaldex, I think and maybe Leo finance.

The price has gone up 🚀 😀

 2 months ago  

Thats cool.