The Evolution of Comfort: Birkenstock and Custom-Made Palms

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It's 2 1/2 centuries old and still going strong - i.e. the Birkenstock sandals. Every year, I religiously buy Birkenstock sandals. However, years ago I used to think that Birkenstocks were not the best looking summer sandals. I wanted to know why they were so popular. I understood immediately after I slipped my feet into a pair. They looked better than flipflops and are a lot more comfortable. I was sold literally. Now I don them with pride - wearing different colors, styles, materials - when I feel like it.

brown male birkenstock

So great they are copied
I have to wonder if back in 1774 the German, Johan Birkenstock could have guessed that his design would still be worn in the 21st centrury. In addition, it is recognisable worldwide. He created footwear that fitted the contours of the feet and it is still popular today. They clearly lived up to their claim. The sandals do fit the shape of the feet and support them. That is why I love them. Here in Europe, I see many fakes but even if they look similar they do not feel similar and it is all about the feeling. That is the “sole” purpose. Pun intended.

They are not the cheapest sandals, however there is a price tag for quality. I have several pairs of various ages. I throw them out when the cork sole starts to flatten or the piece between the toes breaks or just when wear and tear demands a new pair. I used to buy them in regular shoe stores but decided to only buy them at BIrkenstock shops now. Then I am certain I am getting the real McCoy.

These sandals/shoes are made for walking
I love to go for walks and to be honest I am not crazy about sneakers except for at the gym. The Birkenstocks are handy because they are perfect for summer walks as they are open and comfortable. As I do a lot of walking at home and abroad - I am always looking for good arch support. As a result, I do not mind spending more on good footwear and Birkenstock fitted the bill. They might not look cute but I am always assured that these sandals will stand the test. I can walk around unconcerned about my feet. They are comfortable and the sole is sturdy enough that walking on rough terrain or on European streets with cobblestones is not an issue for me. Birkenstocks are indeed value for money.

Palms made by @vickoly

Custom-made Palms - “Birkenstocks”?
When I saw a Hiver making shoes - I became curious. He calls them “palm”. The “palm” looked like Birkenstocks. I like the idea of supporting talent and creativity of fellow Hivers. The quality of the shoes looked fine online, but it needed to make sense regarding cost and getting it to Europe. Having custom-made “Birkenstocks/palms” from Nigeria seemed crazy. I was curious - it was a fun idea - so I ordered them. @vickoly’s “palms” has Birkenstock insoles, a similar Birkenstock look, different soles and thus their own style. The devil is in the details. I prefer the soles used by Vickoly.

cross strapped sandals

They do not look plasticky and fake like the fakes I have seen. @vickoly uses leather. The insole is the most important, however. If it fits the arches and the feet are comfortably - that’s what it’s all about. @vickoly's palms fit the bill. I am happy with my custom-made palms. It is not easy to make shoes for someone whose feet you cannot see - nor measure - but Vickoly rose to the challenge.

Was it worth it?
Depending on one’s choice, prices in Europe ranges from Euros 50 to 390.
Was it cost effective or wise to have custom-made shoes shipped from Lagos? Yes, it was cost effective and wise.
The price paid to Vickoly + shipping cost + import duties is still less than the average cost of buying 4 summer sandals.

It took 2 weeks to arrive - so that was reasonable. It was worth it.
From the photos, there are 3 pairs of palms but there is a 4th pair………

The other sandals
I speak only about the Birkenstocks but Vickoly also made another beautiful summer sandal for me.

Unfortunately, they are is just a bit small but it is my fault for not being accurate about my size. My feet are not really a standard size. I should have added ½ size more for these types of sandals.

To be honest, If I were one of those people who wear sandals with their toes or heels hanging over - then I could still wear them. However, that is not me.

Would I do it again?
Yes - however I would have my feet measured properly so that I can have perfectly fitted custom-made sandals as well.

Thank you @vickoly

The photos are my own


Honestly I never tried how they feel. Now, that I read your lines, maybe I should try onde day! And didnt know, they really come out of the end of 18th century? wow!

Aww if you give it a try - please ensure that it is the right size so that your arches sit where they should.
Yes the Birkenstocks are that old. 😄

Okay good to know, thanks a lot

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Wow, how did he get it across to you ???

Via a shipping company

Wow 🤩, I see how you are enjoying our hand made products 😂, keep patronizing us, it’s a beautiful footwear you got there and the one that doesn’t size you could be given out to a relative or still yet kept for your kid if you want, those are great ☝️ 🇳🇬🔥🔥🔥🤩

Yes I am - thanks to @vickoly. Yes the sandals that do not fit aare lovely. My teenagers have much smaller feet but I will find someone that will love them.

👍 that will be better, well done 🇳🇬

I think the price over there is expensive. Do you mean that they sell it for 50euros and above?
Well, it is not as expensive as that here. I also have this kind of Sandals
It is always very strong

Yes - the original Birkenstock sandals are from euros 50 and above.

Wow thanks so much for your patronage and giving me a try.

I'm glad you love each piece, the sole of the Birkenstock and the likes.

I'll still apologies about the sandals that didn't fit, seriously I'm still disappointed about it and hope to do better subsequently.

Overall, it's nice doing business with you and I look forward to more in the nearest future.

Aww but it is not your fault. It is great to hear that I am a good customer.

The sandals is beautiful! Such great handwork.

Birkenstock are of great quality and are very expensive, my husband has one of those and I always drag it with him only because I want him to get mine 😁

Yes @vickoly is skillful.
I hope you will get some one day.


Woww...this was a sweet review. It was so kind of you patronising a fellow hiver all the way from Europe 🌍. Vickoly is very skilled and I hope to get a palm from him soon.

Nice one Momo

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Yay! 🤗
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They popular around here with the more #posh crowd, never worn them myself. I prefer sneakers or boots 😁

I can imagine that you prefer sneakers or boots. However do you wear sandals during summer? If so you might like to try Birkenstocks - they are all types of designs for men.

Wowwwww, they look so beautiful and they are worth it and I’m sure you will wear them for a long time. Handmade shoes from Nigeria are of great quality and I’m such @vickoly wont deliver less.

Great purchase 🥰🥰🥰

Thanks so much dear.